How Your Mattress Could Be a Key to Better Health

When it comes to good health, most of us tend to focus on exercising and eating a nutritious diet.  Those are vital components, but sleep is actually an unsung hero of healthy living.  Simply choosing a proper mattress to ensure quality slumber can have far-reaching implications on whether or not you thrive. 

The impact of sleep

It may appear you aren’t accomplishing much when sleeping, but getting a proper night’s rest is actually a key to good health.  As Verywell Health explains, sufficient slumber provides important health benefits, such as keeping your heart healthy.  When you try going with too little sleep, blood pressure and cholesterol levels tend to rise.  On the other hand, sufficient slumber can help lower your levels of stress hormones, reduce inflammation, improve your memory, and enhance your ability to focus.  Sleep is even associated with lowering the risk for certain forms of cancer.  With those things in mind, getting a good night of sleep is a must-do.  If you struggle with getting sufficient sleep, the primary place to look for improvement is the mattress you’re sleeping on.


Sleep position and mattress selection

What position keeps you comfortable for sleeping?  You might find it surprising to learn your sleep position and mattress selection should mesh.  For instance, side sleepers tend to do best with a somewhat softer mattress, while back sleepers do best with a medium-firm choice.  You also can alter your sleep position if necessary, and may wish to do so for health benefits.  Sleeping on your left side can help mitigate acid reflux, and sleeping on your back can be particularly good for your skin, reducing the tendency of facial wrinkling.

To help change your sleep position, one idea is to use pillows to encourage the position you seek.  As an example, side sleepers can put a pillow between their knees to stay more comfortable and improve the alignment of their spines.  A proper pillow paired with a well-chosen mattress can be just the trick for enhancing your sleep quality.


Is your mattress hurting you?

How do you feel when you get up in the morning?  If your mattress is old or poorly chosen, it could be preventing you from getting enough sleep to thrive.  A worn, lumpy or sagging mattress can make you too uncomfortable to engage in the sleep cycles your mind and body need to restore from daily wear and tear.  A weary mattress could also be causing a variety of ongoing wellness concerns.  CNN points out mattresses can host a number of contaminants that are potentially damaging to your health.  Moulds, dust mites, and bacteria could be lurking in your bed, causing illnesses and allergies.  On top of all that, if you experience joint or back pain when you first get up, but you loosen up within a short timeframe, some experts suggest your mattress is the likely culprit, and you should consider investing in a new one.


Mattress maintenance matters

Mattresses have a lifespan, and as Consumer Reports explains, if yours is lumpy or saggy, or if you feel groggy or achy in the mornings, it may be time to replace it.  Give thought to your sleep style and any health concerns to determine the right mattress for you.  Once you select an appropriate mattress, proper maintenance will optimise its useful years.  Choose an encasement to protect it from dirt, moisture and dust.  If anything is spilled on an unprotected mattress, be sure to clean the liquid immediately.  Vacuum its surface regularly, ensuring a thorough going-over at least once weekly if your pet sleeps with you.  To offset settling, flip and spin your mattress regularly as well.


Getting a good night’s sleep is a key to good health.  Consider your sleep position, how you feel, and whether it’s time to make an upgrade.  A well-chosen and properly-maintained mattress can mean better sleep and better quality of life.

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