Yoga Diet And Poses For Weight Loss

Losing weight is a challenge in itself. There are times when we plan to improve our fitness, but due to various reasons such as a lack of time, motivation or ignorance of methods the plan remains unexecuted. But what if you can achieve your dream of losing weight throughout your normal daily life with just a little modification? The wellness science of Yoga is one such discipline that has the ability to help you get rid of the extra body fat by becoming an integral part of your living style. Follow the yogic way of life for all the health goals that you seek for including weight loss.

Yoga for Weight Loss


The yogic principles of wellness advocate a well-ordered dietary plan for the whole day that should be followed with immense care in order to gain the maximum health benefits.  Ancient yogic texts also highlight certain habits that help in achieving a healthy body and mind, some of these are provided below:

  • Three compulsory and vegetarian meals with breakfast and dinner in light amount.
  • Wake up early in the morning and go to bed accordingly.
  • Keep your body full of water.
  • Yoga exercise every day in the morning.


Here are some of the best Yoga diets for weight loss:

  • Yogurt: Yogurt has been traditionally used as a weight-controlling diet in European and Asian countries. Yogurt helps the body to keep cells nourished by providing them with a substantial amount of fibre and proteins. Instead of adding more sugar to your yogurt, add fruits to boost its power.


  • Khichdi: Khichdi is a popular dish in India having an immensely positive impact on the health and wellness of the body. Prepared with rice, lentils, and several other Indian spices, it is extremely beneficial for proper digestion and helps in maintaining the protein level of the body.


  • Avocados: For a perfect Body mass index, Avocado is really effective as it is rich in Vitamin K, Potassium, Folate, and other nutrients. Add small pieces of Avocados to your Sandwiches and bread to enhance the taste of the meals as well as contributing to your desire of getting slim.


  • Fruit Salad: Any kind of fruits is your best friend since there is no side effect of a plant-based nosh. To get the maximum benefits, mix different kinds of fruits such as grapes, apple, pineapple and consume for breakfast. You can also have fruits salad in the evening after office time.


  • Almonds: Nuts have always been health sponsors and one of the more effective in improving the body and mind are Almonds. A wonderful source of fibre and proteins, Almonds maintain the balance between two meals by not letting the body feel short of energy.


Weight-losing Yoga asanas


  • Upward Plank: All kinds of Planks come with difficulty and enormous benefits for the body. The advanced Upward Plank is the powerhouse of positive effects when it comes to shedding the extra kilos the body is carrying. While practicing the pose, make sure to keep the body is in a straight line for putting extra pressure on the abdominal muscles and the hips.

Upward Plank

  • Trikonasana: Trikonasana or Triangle Pose is the one exercise which you must have been familiar with as it is the most common physical activities taught in school P.T. class. This pose tones the muscles of the thigh and abdomen. Constant practice of Trikonasana propels the body to sweat, which is another awesome way to eliminate the body toxins.

  • Utkatasana: Utkatasana is Chair Pose, which is known for its role in strengthening the thigh and hips. Along with this, there is a stiff strain felt in the stomach region while adjusting the asana that makes this pose an influential weight-loss exercise. The balancing pose should be practiced by making a right angle at the knees.

weight loss

  • Surya Namaskara: Sun Salutation is a collection of physical exercises and prayer poses that are tremendously fruitful in charging the body with energy and vigour. By removing the unwanted fats, Surya Namaskara helps the body retain its original state of health. Early morning is the best time to practice this yogic exercise, since the rising Sun has more healing power than its other positions.

  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana: Upward-facing Dog is all about challenging your lifting strength and opening the chest. In addition to helping the body lose substantial weight, this asana is considered as a posture-improving exercise. While you delve into the pose, the digestive as well as the respiratory organs get a good exercise for an ideal metabolism.

Although these are the best physical activities to include in your daily life, if you are committed to improving fitness nobody can deny the significance of breathing exercises. Pranayama is one of these practices and can help to improve the metabolic activities in the body, purifies the blood, and eliminates toxins.

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