Workout of the Week – Whole Body Kettlebell Workout


workout of the week

This weeks Workout of the Week is a whole body Kettlebell workout that seriously works your legs, core, back, chest and arms. 

This workout is great for building strength over the entire body and shredding fat to achieve that ‘lean look’. We’re going to be performing each moves for 3 sets consisting of 12 reps each. Remember on that last set to push for the 13th rep to really get the most out of this workout!

Move 1 – Calf Raises

Start with your legs and seriously work those calves. Remember to keep your core tight and that Kettlebell close to your body to help with your balance.

Moves 2 – Lunges

Lunges are a great move to build power in your thighs and glutes anyway. Adding a Kettlebell to the move makes it that much more effective. It’s important here to keep back straight and your body upright so you stay balanced. Lunge as far as you can because you’re only cheating yourself otherwise!

Move 3 – Kettlebell Row

Move onto your back and shoulders now with the Kettlebell row. Brace yourself by placing your knee in front of your so you’ve got a solid foundation to row upon. Bring the Kettlebell up towards your rib cage in a controlled manner. It’s important not swing the Kettlebell up as using your momentum defeats the object. Also keep your elbow close to your body to keep good form.

Move 4 – Kettlebell Raise

Much like the Kettlebell Swing but much more demanding. Swings are great for legs and core but by planting your lower body, you’re shifting all of the focus onto arms, shoulders and chest. Form is key here as you need focus on keeping those arms straight. With any luck, after the 3rd set your entire upper body will feel like it’s on fire!

Move 5 – Bicep Curls

Finish off with bicep curls. Curling with a Kettlebell is more effective than with a Dumbbell due to the weight being further away from the handle. This means it’s harder to control and as a result work your biceps and forearms more as you curl. This is a great move to end the workout because after all, curls get the girls 💪

Rest as need in between moves, but try not to exceed 60 seconds to really get the most out of this workout. The whole workout should roughly take 30 minutes to complete.

Remember to comment or share this workout if it’s something you’re going to try next time you’re in the gym!


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