Why some women hate the World Cup

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Today starts the World Cup Brazil 2014 and everyone is talking about that, everywhere I go, someone is saying how good their national football team is… For me that I am not that keen on this stuff, I thought to write about why some women hate the World Cup and some tips to avoid argues with your partners during this month.

Do not talk about football all the time

We understand that the World Cup is an important event for you guys, but seriously, is it necessary talk about that all day long? With friends, at work, at the supermarket, on the bus… they talk about unknown countries to them until now.

Take over the living room

It is OK that you bring your friends over to see the football match, drink beer, eat junk food…, but we do not like that your friends still stay there to discuss about the match, the different strategies that they would have made, the decisions made by the coach. Please guys, after the match, go home!

Imitate your idols

It is understandable that after hours watching football matches, they believe that the football field is their target. Guys think that they can play like Cristiano Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos, and after 10 minutes they realised that they are “too old for that stuff” (just paraphrasing Roger Murtaugh in ‘Lethal Weapon’) they come home with knee injuries, bruises… Do not let passion take over you.

Do not yell at the TV

Every match that I have watched with my dad, my brother, or with my friends, the same pattern is repeated: they would have been better coach than the actual coach, they would not have failed that penalty, and they would have stopped that goal. And the worst bit is the yelling at the TV, we hate that guys insult to the TV and the bad mood after the match is over because their team lost. I recommend you to do not take the match so seriously.

What other things do you hate about football matches? Share it with us.
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