Why September is the best time to kick-start your fitness journey?

The end of summer can be the best time to start planning new workout regimes, building resilience for the winter, and changing your diet.

Most people see January as the best time to start your fitness planning, however, 66% of people quit their new year plans within one month of that. No need to worry as September is here and it’s scientifically proven to be the perfect time to reset your fitness routines.

Back into a routine-

Now that the summer holidays are drawing to a close and the kids are going back to school, it is a great time to think about how you want fitness to fit into your routine as you get back on track.

If you want to make the most of the autumn season by working out, then check out our home fitness equipment. Easy build fitness equipment which makes it easy for you to get started in the comfort of your own home. No busy gyms or travelling to the gym just get as much equipment as you need and get started. From Cardio to Yoga, Weights to Wellness we have the perfect equipment for you.

For handy tips on setting up a home gym check out our previous blog on the top 4 optimal home gym setups – https://www.jllfitness.co.uk/blog/top-4-optimal-home-gym-set-ups

16 more weeks until Christmas-

When planning your fitness routine, it is important that you have a goal in place. What better goal than everyone’s favourite time of the year? Use Christmas as a reward for all the hard work you put in from now until the big event itself.

In just over 3 months, you can get some cracking results if you can commit to your new diet, fitness plan and routine. That way you’re in a great position when those big dinner plates start appearing and can afford to treat yourself.

If you need some help initially setting up a fitness plan, we have the perfect blog post for you. Introducing an exercise routine to your weekly schedule – https://www.jllfitness.co.uk/blog/introducing-an-exercise-routine-to-your-weekly-schedule

Celebrate your wins-

A great tip going forward is to make sure you celebrate your little and big wins when you work out! Did you use a heavier weight than your last sessions? Push yourself an extra few minutes in your run. Make sure you give yourself some praise and appreciate what you have done.

If you are looking to find a way to really enjoy exercising, we have the perfect blog for you. https://www.jllfitness.co.uk/blog/how-to-enjoy-exercise

September fitness challenge for you-

  • Exercise for at least 21 days and keep track of your workouts.

For tips on how to document your workout, learn more in this blog post-

  • If the Exercise you have planned for the day is not an exercise you can do or want to do, pick another exercise. If your struggling with ideas checks out our Instagram for our weekly Wednesday updates giving you workout inspiration
  • Stay hydrated: we should drink 6 to 8 cups or glasses of fluid a day.
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