Who is Wendy Ida?

Who is Wendy Ida?

Wendy Ida (Pronounced “ee-da”) is America’s number one expert on looking fit, fierce and fabulous after the age of forty. Right now Wendy is sixty-four years young and is a speaker, life transformation and fitness expert as well as a TV host with a bestselling book. Wendy’s Story is that she is a domestic violence survivor who was in poor shape, bad health and had low self-esteem. She was four dress sizes larger than she is today and also gained fifty pounds after having two children back to back. She achieved a degree in accounting and thus spent twenty years as a corporate accountant, it’s not until the age of forty-three that she began her fitness regime and the results were her losing eighty pounds and now being at a solid dress size four.

What makes her different from others?

Wendy Specializes in the fitness of those who are over the age of forty. The accomplishments she has achieved at her age make her the perfect inspiration for her target group, she gives to people the “you can do it too” attitude which when combined with her self-taught approach it gives her viewers the necessary tools to combat and defeat their life’s challenges. She gives to people a unique mental process to use that gets rid of the excuses and instead builds a healthy body for yourself and allows you to push beyond your goals and aspirations.

What has she achieved?

Wendy has achieved monumental success over the twenty years spent on her fitness, she has achieved international recognition, 2 Guinness World Records and awards at national championships.  A list of what she has achieved are;

  • A number one bestselling book titled ‘Take back your life’
  • 8 times award winning national champion in the NCP Body Building and Figure Championships
  • A fitness expert with Strive to Thrive who has toured with many popular actors like Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker.
  • Internationally recognised through TV commercials, exercise videos and magazines such as Essence magazine. Some channels she has appeared on have been Dr Oz, CNN, Fox Sports Net, NBC, ABC, BET, KCAL and KTLA.
  • Two Guinness World Records, one for being the oldest active instructor in multiple disciplines and two for completing the most Burpee’s in one minute which was thirty-seven.
  • A former assistant strength and conditioning coach for the LA Avengers football team
  • A director of the ‘Obesity Prevention Initiative Program’.
  • She has an award of recognition for outstanding educational community service from Dr Charles Adams.
  • A two-time nomination of the ‘who’s who among women in business’.

Why she does what she does!

Even though Wendy has achieved so much success over the years, she never forgets where she came from and what she had to overcome in order to beat the odds to make her life worth living. This is a woman who didn’t believe she would live past her forty-third birthday but her own dedication and her perseverance for her own health as well as to see others thrive is what makes her one of the best in the business. She considers her teaching as her reason for living, to share her self-taught approach to mental readiness, self-worth, teaching, preaching and inspiring others.


Why is she so good?

Wendy’s success stories speak for themselves, countless reviews and praises are heard from all over the world inspiring even more people to Wendy’s teachings. The answer to why she is so good comes from all of these comments some of which are;

Tara Kirkland – “I have two words for my hot body…. Wendy Ida”

Kassandra – “You are one of my fitness inspirations! You’re making women of all ages step up their game. Congrats!”

Gloria Gandia Sempere (Valencia, Spain) “Hello Wendy! Thank you so much for accepting me! You are the most beautiful inspiration I’ve ever seen. Kisses from a young Spanish fan! Keep it up baby!!!!”

Vincent D –For the last twenty years I have fought a battle with arthritis, lower back pain, bad knees and, most recently, I was in a car accident. After the accident I believed all I could do was manage the pain and atrophy of my muscles… and then I met my Angel”.

“Wendy showed me that I could, can and will get stronger. She rekindled the desire to have fun by working out intelligently and making progress in stages. The workouts are challenging enough that I feel successful every time. Her attitude is wonderful and she always has a smile and an encouraging word to say”.

“Most importantly, she made me feel like she cared about my progress and that my goal when I met her was too low and that I could do much more – and she was right!

Thank you Wendy”.  You can read more at http://wendyida.com/testimonials/

What products does she offer?

The products and sessions that Wendy offers are;

  • Take back your life Guidance Sessions – you can book in and choose from 20min/30min/45min or 1 hour sessions pricing from $50 to $150.
  • In Home Training Basics E-Course – what you can expect to learn in this package is the basics, balance and safety, nutrition and outlook, cardio and strength training secrets. The content is full with videos, emergency medical information, physical assessments, flexibility moves, recipes and meditation exercises at a price of $67.
  • 8 Week Premiere Group Coaching Program – This program has eighteen workouts, eight weekly coaching calls to keep you on track, six nutritional guides, photos of exercises for reference, videos for exercise reference, Facebook group interaction for support, menu’s, a signed copy of Wendy’s book and five in home training videos.
  • 8 Week Elite Coaching Group – What you’ll experience is in week 1 solutions to jumpstart your success, week 2 pushing past your obstacles, week 3 shortcuts to sexy results, week 4 striving toward success, week 5 bring on the motivation, week 6 fun mental health secrets, week 7 self-sabotage and outside influences and finally week 8 long term health and support.
  • Take Back Your Life VIP Day Coaching Program – This program includes take back your life mind/body assessments, 45 min pre VIP day call, one full day of a custom designed program and life plan, two thirty-minute post VIP day follow up calls, MP3 recording of each live session and thirty days unlimited emails.
  • Take Back Your Life 6 Month Mentorship and Coaching – What’s included in your program is a custom program design, take back your life assessments, lifestyle management and reinvention, diet analysis, nutritional guidance, workout resistance band, weekly calls, five-hour audio/video, 24/7 private Facebook group access, fitness tracker/fit bit fuel band and unlimited emails.
  • Take Back Your Life 12 Month Mentorship and Coaching – This program is the same as the previous six months’ one except for the time scale.
  • Take Back Your Life Book – This guide reveals all the secrets of America’s number one fitness expert and award-winning top fitness pro & Guinness World Record Holder.
  • Take Back Your Life Action Guide – This Action Guidewas designed to push you into action. It guides you, holds you accountable and helps you make it your own. It applies what you have learned in Wendy’s book Take Back Your Life to achieve the amazing results you want.
  • Fountain of You DVD – This is the perfect item to have for you in your home exercise regime.
  • Gym Wrap – The product both looks and feels good whilst evaporating the sweat accumulated from your workout. It gives people no excuses for missing parts of a workout.boomers-lifestyle-magazine1


Wendy tends to promote her workouts as being free of gym equipment and using your own body to achieve amazing results however it is not totally excluded for those who wish to use gym equipment. You’ll find information on this through her YouTube videos one of which is ‘Wendy’s tips: working out at the gym’.  In this video she’ll provide you with tips for using weights in particular dumbbells, of course this can be completed outside the gym using personal equipment. JLL Fitness can help you with this by searching through the JLL website at links such as;

JLL Cast Iron Dumbbell Sets – 20kg & 30kg – £59.99

Neoprene Dumbbells Set – (2 x 1KG – Green) (2 x 2KG – Red) (2 x 3KG – Blue) – £39.99

Neoprene coated dumbbell set – £16.99

Rubber Hex Dumbbells 4kg – 32kg from £14.99 – £59.99

For more Information on booking any of these sessions and items follow the link to http://wendyida.com/product/




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