Is Vogue the reason we want to be skinny?

As a fitness equipment manufacturer we always promote being healthy. Unfortunately with that subject comes the sworded topic of weight. Weight, one tiny little word that over 70% of women are obsessing over or at least thinking about, and believe it or not 45% of men are too. But why is that?

Possibly the global arbiter of style Vogue, last year announced a very responsible move to ban working with models that are deemed ‘too skinny’. According to Conde Nast International all 19 editors of Vogue around the world had agreed they wanted to project a healthy image of models.

However after taking a look at some of their recent pictures I can’t help but think only 1 year on they are already going back on their word? Is this like the time that, ironically a model (we all know who she is) did the Peta campaign “I’d rather go naked than wear fur ” before posing in several different animal coats?

As Fashion Week has come to an end, Vogue has been giving us all the updates. Here are some of the questionable images below.
October vogue 2013 alexa chungmodel backstageValentino runway model

Example 1-Alexa Chung Front Cover October issue, Example 2-Model posed on Vogue twitter for Model Diaries, Example 3-Julia Nobis walking for Valentino pictured on Vogue website

Just because it’s not always in the pages does not mean it’s OK to put it on your social media, as this is probably just as big of a platform.

We salute former Australian Vogue Editor Kirstie Clements for coming forward and telling stories of models eating tissues to stay thin and curb hunger pangs. We also salute the recent video that has been made by Vogue’s Editor. The film shows just what goes into making the final picture i.e all the make-up, styling and digital touch up’s,
and will be distributed to schools up and down the country. Alexandra Shulman said she wanted girls to understand the astonishing amount of work that goes into producing a high fashion image.

I ask if that is the case can we not just cut to the chase and just use normal looking, healthy sized models in the first place? Surely then the educating our children bit on what is real and what isn’t could just be cut out.

Vogue has and always will be a fashion bible, but unfortunately its disciples look like they may just need a good meal!

Are the images too skinny? What are your thoughts?

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