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There is no scarcity of personal trainers at the moment, and many fitness gurus are skilled in masses of specialist areas such as weight loss, pre and post natal training, performance training and older adult fitness. Personal training can take place in sessions at home, at work or anywhere else you feel comfortable. Boot camps are more and more common place and personal training professionals, can also aid and arrange 5:2 nutritional plans and workouts.

Most people nowadays have demanding lives and there are factors such as time and affordability which will often discourage us from hiring a personal trainer. Factor the convenience of technology into the mix and we might just have found a solution, in the form of the more attractive idea which has transpired in the form of in-app online personal training, offering freedom and efficiency.

With such easy accessibility, we often forget how much of a convenience technology really is. More than just a convenience, it is now an augmented reality reflective of society. We use the internet to communicate, learn, share interests and build relationships. In this reality we have the options of keeping in touch with friends, read eBooks, shop, and search for jobs and even try online dating.There is a place for every niche or interest, the first online virtual church service was held in 2004. It is a place to chronicle our lives; it is a tool which becomes a confidant and manages our progress, how far we have come.

Personal Trainers have now monopolised on how the internet is one of society’s most prominent tools and in-app personal training services are now available where you can be in touch with your personal trainer at any time, they will help you monitor your progress, provide you with exercise videos and be there every step of the way with you, at your expediency.

The more doubtful amongst us may be tentative. What can beat a face to face personal trainer spurring you on? How about an in-app trainer, spurring you on, at your fingertips? Whilst at their fingertips, they have access to information about you, your fitness goals, and all of the exercise videos, tips and motivational advice they need to get you to where you need to be. Perhaps, there was a time when you thought nothing was going to beat high street shopping; now you frequent the likes of Asos or Amazon.

Using the app function of a personal trainer has many benefits. Generally it is cheaper. You could be paying the rate for just one face to face session for a whole month’s worth of in-app training. You can do the workouts or training exercises at any time, any place, anywhere. You can contact your trainer as and when you desire to.

It fits your timetable, which acts as a motivator because you don’t have to organize exercise class times or personal trainer appointments around the rest of your life. However, the personal trainer at the other end of the app will be monitoring and continuously reviewing your progress to ensure that you get the best out of the service so you won’t be tempted to skip work outs.

You may choose a personal trainer who is from your local area, but again the impact of the in-app training means as long as you have internet access, you’re good to go global and still have access to your specialist health and training advice. Whilst the internet is known for contributing to individualism in our communities, you are still able to build a trusting relationship with your personal trainer via the app and when time permits, in most cases, you do have the choice of attending a class or boot camp, with their other clients, a readymade group of people all endeavouring to improve their fitness.

It is a trainer’s role to recognise each client’s aims and know the need for different plans for each client. The app service is no different, as Liverpool’s Gym Free Trainers prove. There is no use of analytic software to devise unreliable generic exercise schedules and one size fits all meal plans, your personal trainer will know you and what is best for you, showing that they are using technology in the most optimal way for you, not as a quick fix solution.

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A 7 day free trial is available for online personal training with Gym Free trainers Liverpool, or get in touch if you would rather meet your trainer face to face first. Online personal trainers are available 7 days a week and there is a 90 day weight loss guarantee. Their clients include fitness professionals such as the Tranmere Rovers football team, so there is no reason to be uncertain about contacting and meeting your new personal trainer today.

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