Upright Home Exercise Bike Top 7 Purchasing Tips 2022

It’s coming to that time of the year, the evenings are getting colder, and the nights are getting longer. So, with more of us spending more time indoors, it is important to ensure that we are remaining as active as possible. To achieve this, more and more of us are deciding to invest in our own Home Gym Set ups to give us the freedom to train when it is most convenient for us. A staple of most home Gyms are of course the weights, but what is just as important are the Cardio machines. Items such as Exercise bikes, Treadmills, Rowers and Cross Trainers are essential for maintain and building fitness levels. In this article, we will be discussing what things to consider when selecting an upright bike style of exercise bike.


Build Quality

The first thing to consider is the build quality of the Upright Bike. There are a few ways to establish the quality of a machine prior to purchase. One of these ways is to identify the Max User Weight of the machine. By looking at the Max user weight of machine reveals the strength of the bike frame, a higher user weight implies a stronger frame. Another indication of a high build quality is if there are any trading standard codes visible. Fitness machines sold in Europe must meet certain trade standards, so if evidence of these standards being met isn’t visible on any product listings, this could be a cause for concern. Don’t forget to check the lengths of warranty and what the brand covers, a longer warranty conveys the brand’s confidence in the product.

Potential consumers should also consider how adjustable the bike is. More expensive bikes should have more flexibility when it comes to altering the position and height of certain components to best match the proportions of the user.


Resistance Type

Upright bikes generally have one of 3 types of resistance: Friction, Magnetic and Electromagnetic. Friction resistance upright bikes function by applying friction resistance to the flywheel to increase intensity. This is done with the use of a brake pad.

Both Magnetic and Electro Magnetic generate resistance differently. Instead of using a brake pad, these bikes use a specifically designed magnet. Resistance levels are increased by moving the magnetic brake closer to the flywheel. The difference between Magnetic and Electro Magnetic is the way the user interacts with the magnetic brake. Magnetic brakes are controlled manually with the use of a lever or knob. On the other hand, Electromagnetic upright bikes resistance is controlled through the monitor.

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Monitor + App Connectivity

The number of monitor functions is another important aspect to consider. As you can imagine, the more expensive models will generally have more functions.

General functions that most upright bikes should have include:

  • Workout Time
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Calories

Whilst more advanced machines may include these extras:

  • Heart rate
  • Recovery heart rate,
  • RPM,
  • Watts,
  • Body Fat

In addition to the extra monitor readouts, bikes with more advanced monitors may also be compatible with fitness apps such as Kinomap or iConsole. Apps such as these will provide more in-depth data on your workouts as allowing you to compete with friends and track progress.

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The transmission of the upright bike refers to how the kinetic energy of the user is transferred to the flywheel. Upright bike transmissions are usually either chain or belt driven. Chain driven bikes can sometimes be considered more durable but require more maintenance such as regular lubrication. Belt driven bikes can also be very durable depending on the strength of the rubber belt. However, belt driven bikes are often considered to be a lot smoother for the user in addition to requiring less maintenance.


Storage + Transport

A factor that sometimes gets overlooked before purchasing a fitness machine, is the size of the machines. As obvious as it may sound to some, it is important to decide where to put the Upright Bike before making the purchase. Measure out the available space that you have and be sure to look out for the assembled dimensions of the product. Some Upright bikes can be quite heavy, even the cheaper ones. Fortunately, there are many models that come with built in wheels and handles to assist you. If you need to store your Upright bike away after each use, this may be an important feature for you.


After Sales Support

Reliable after sales support is one of the more important factors that often gets overlooked by potential fitness machine consumers. Let’s face it, purchasing a decent Upright bike can be considerable investment, so you want to be sure that if anything goes wrong, you are given all the help and support you need. During the shopping process, make sure that you are keeping an eye on the brand of bike and whether these brands have good reputations. Ask yourself how long the brand that you are purchasing from has been around and what previous customers have said about them. Some companies will have no problem repairing or replacing faulty products that are in warranty, while other will won’t want anything to do with you after the sale has been made.


Price Comparison

Finally, always compare the price of the Upright bike you are purchasing against the features that the bike has. If a bike is priced highly, inspect some of the factors mentioned above against the cheaper models. It is not unusual to find more feature for a lower price if you know what to look for.

As a rule, Upright bikes under £150 can be considered low priced. Consequently, it wouldn’t be logical to expect an abundance of features for this price although you can still find respectable models for this price.

Midrange Upright bikes would usually be priced between £150 and £500, and you can expect a good set of features as well as build quality for this price

High end Upright bikes should have most if not all the best features on the market in addition to high Max User Weight and After sales support to resolve any issues you may have.




Hopefully the points above give you a good basis to start your search for an upright bike and what to look out for when comparing. Why not begin your search at our JLLfitness.co.uk? here we have a range of Upright bike suitable for all from beginners to advanced users.


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