Understanding your Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is a great investment for any home. It provides a low impact form of exercise and can provide variation and challenge to your work outs.  The stationary bike can be used by all members of the family no matter what your work out goal is. So whether you are looking to improve your stamina, tone your muscles or you just want to lose weight the home exercise bike is an ideal choice of fitness equipment.

Which bike do you choose though and what does the jargon mean?

jf100 exercise bike specification

You will find that most Fitness Equipment Specialists will advertise their exercise bikes in the same way; they will provide information on resistance, the flywheel, crank, monitor and also its size. But what does it all mean?


The resistance is what provides a challenging work out on your exercise bike and the tension you feel when pedalling. The more resistance you have the more calories you will burn and the stronger your muscles will get.

Belt and Fan Resistance:

The resistance is created by the friction of the belt. As the friction increases it becomes more difficult and challenging to pedal. The more resistance there is the louder the machine gets. The air fan works as the rider has to pedal against the airflow of a fan blade. The resistance is normally controlled manually by turning a knob or lever.

JF100 indoor cycle features

Magnetic Resistance:

This is the highest quality resistance type as it is smooth and quiet. It works by having electromagnetic currents alter the resistance. The magnets inside the exercise bike will move closer or further away from the flywheel to create the resistance. You can usually control the resistance by turning a knob on the bike frame allowing you to be in complete control of your work out.


The flywheel works by spinning and building momentum as you cycle. It simulates the feel of riding a real bike and feels smooth to cycle. The flywheel helps the range of resistance the exercise bike can offer. The larger and heavier the flywheel is the greater the resistance.

Crank System

The crank system refers to the arm that the pedal is attached to.

1 Piece Crank System:

This is a single piece of metal that is bent and attached to the pedal. As it is one piece it is prone to bearing more wear than a 3 piece crank.

3 Piece Crank System:

The 3 piece crank system is detachable and hard wearing. It is a stronger and more reliable crank and the parts can be replaced easily if needed.

Monitor/ Display

JF100 exercise bike lcd display

The monitor sits on the handlebars and can display the vital statistics of your work out. A monitor displays; Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer and Pulse Rate.


Some models of exercise bikes are foldable and as a result will have two different sizes displayed on the advertisement. One size will refer to the bike when it is set up and the other will refer to its folded size. It is always best to make sure that you have enough space around you to exercise.

Great Product for the Price

Here at JLL Fitness we offer a great range of home stationary bikes. The JLL JF100 exercise bike is priced at £150.99. It has 10 levels of Magnetic Resistance and a 4kg flywheel. A 3 piece detachable crank system and 7 levels of height adjustment on the seat. The handlebars can be rotated up to 360 degrees and have inbuilt heart sensors that are connected to the monitor.

The LCD Monitor displays Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer and Pulse. The recommended maximum user weight for this item is 100kg. The JLL JF100 is compact and lightweight and easy to move when not in use. It is designed for a multitude of users and is great for beginners or intermediate cyclists.

If you are looking for a more challenging exercise bike then why not take a look at our JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Bike . It is available in either white or black. It has an 18kg flywheel and a 3 piece detachable crank system. The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. This stationary spinning bike has a streamlined design and simulates the feel of a real bike. Spinning bikes are great for the more enthusiastic cyclists.

ic300 indoor cycling bike

Exercise bikes are easy to use and extremely friendly to your bank balance. Working out at home doesn’t have to be expensive there is the right piece of fitness equipment to suit your budget and needs.


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