Treadmill vs. running or walking on the road

running on treadmill

Imagine yourself running outdoors, that feeling of freedom while you exercise, the gratification of a perfect work out for toning up and losing those extra pounds that will make you be fit and happy. Now imagine the same situation but with this English weather that most of the time is rainy, windy, or rainy and windy together… You would agree with me that with this forecast it is not nice at all walking or running outdoors.

A treadmill is a valid training alternative when you cannot be asked to go out. If you are at home, you could exercise any day at any time and as long as you want! So I reckon that this ‘battle’ would be won by the treadmill, wouldn’t it?


Besides, on a treadmill your body performs an almost natural movement, just as it would if you were walking or running on the road. I say ‘almost’ purely for the fact there is no forward movement.

Compared with running on the road, there is a different impact and more concentration; the support surface of the running machine is always flat and you do not have to look out for hazards on the road which makes the treadmill much safer.


running for fitness

Plus the shock absorption system will protect your joints of injury because it cushions your tread. For this reason treadmills are recommended if you are starting your exercise from scratch, and also if you are used to running outside, because it is a great and valid alternative work out. This could be the second ‘battle’ won by the treadmill, right?

What’s more, if you do not have too much time for going out you could run on your home treadmill at any time. For example, you can invest all your energy exercising on the running machine in the morning and start the day with a happy smile. Or in the afternoon, by walking or jogging on the treadmill while watching your favourites TV programmes or listening your favourite music.

That makes the third ‘battle’ won by the treadmill again. Three out of three is a high percentage, do not you think?


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