Tread and Tested – Mix Up Your Treadmill Workout

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Here at JLL, one of the many things that we specialise in are Treadmills.  We know the excellent benefits that can come from owning one. Whether you want to lose a bit of weight, improve your stamina  or incorporate cardio exercises to a weight training regime, a treadmill can benefit anyone and everyone.

That being said, there are people who can find the action of just running constantly quite boring. So, allow us to use  our expertise to show how you can spice up your treadmill workout with regard to both enjoyment and intensity.

Interval Training Treadmill Workout

Interval training is a popular technique that is often neglected. Incorporated by athletes from as early as the beginning of the 20th century it is one of the best ways a person can lose weight. Interval training consist of various bursts of high intensity training. The bursts are split by periods of low intensity activity to allow your body to recover before the intensity is then risen again.

So, in the case of a Treadmill workout, intervals consist of intense sprints followed by steady jogs to recover. This process would then be repeated for the duration of the session. The benefit of interval training is that it helps to improve both aerobic and anaerobic endurance. It also increases the amount that your muscles actually work.

Below is an example of an interval training workout that can be used on a Treadmill:

treadmill interval workout

Incline Training Treadmill Workout

Research shows that to simulate the intensity of running outside more closely, treadmills should be set at 1 – 2 % incline. This is because there is no wind resistance when running indoors and the incline is a way to account for this. Although, the incline can be altered even further to improve the affects experienced from a workout. By using the same structure of interval training but altering the incline instead of the speed, you can also increase the intensity of a workout.

Further research carried out at the university of Georgia. It has revealed that running uphill can increase muscles usage for each stride by up to 9%. Furthermore, it is arguably that a safer way to train as you are not required to up the speed as much, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

Below is an example of an incline training workout that can be used on a Treadmill:

treadmill incline workout

Non-Running Treadmill Exercises

Believe it or not treadmills can be used for more than just running! Yes seriously.  There are a number of exercises that you can implement into your routine. But remember to turn the speed down to a walking pace for safety.

  1. Side shuffles
  2. Squatting Side shuffles
  3. Lunges while walking
  4. Walking plank (with feet on floor and hands on treadmill mat)
  5. Reverse Mountain climbers
  6. Crab walk
  7. Squat jump

Adding Extras

If all this just seems way to easy for you, we would first like to commend you on your amazing fitness before we introduce our final suggestion, adding extras. Challenge yourself even further with a JLL weight vests which are available in 10 – 30 kg weight variances and are guaranteed to improve a workout session (take a look at one) . By adding  extra weight you are certainly going to expel more energy resulting in better results. If yo do choose to employ this technique, please ensure you do not exceed the maximum user weight that has been specified by the treadmill.

weight vest, treadmill workout

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