Transitioning from your summer workout routine to a winter workout routine.

Long days, bright mornings, and outdoor workouts; Summer was great for fitness. Winter brings the dark mornings, dark evenings, and freezing temperatures where your bed really does seem like the best place for you. So how do you stay motivated to work out?


Consistency is key to maintaining a workout routine. Going to work in the dark and coming home in an equal state of bleakness, is enough to make us want to skip the gym session altogether and opt for home comfort. Skipping your workout, however much you want to, will make you feel worse than doing your workout. My advice is to stick to the morning workout. Once you have finished working out, your day is then free. It will set you up for the day and help you sleep at night.


Water is your best friend no matter the weather. The average recommended daily intake for water is 13 glasses for men and 9 glasses for women.  In summer it’s easy to drink a lot of water because it’s hot and water not only rehydrates us but also aids in cooling us down. In winter we consume more hot drinks such and coffee and tea to keep us warm and awake. However, caffeine is a diuretic. This means that we need to go to the bathroom a lot more which takes more water to do so. For every 2-3 cups of coffee, you would need to drink 1 more cup of water.

TV workout

Personally, I hate working out in silence or without a visual stimulus. I often run outdoors for the changing scenery or run on a treadmill with a TV episode on my phone. If you are the same, then working out at home might be an option. Investing in a piece of exercise equipment may be the perfect workout decision. Put the television on and set the treadmill to a light jog or high incline walk, or pedal through the programme with a stationary cycling bike. Ultimately there are lots of different options for you to try when it comes to home gym equipment, and all would be a good replacement for sitting on the sofa. The main thing is that you are active!

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Finally working out in winter is harder. You have to find the willpower to go and work out. Once you find that motivation, you will be left feeling more energized during the day, sleep better at night and overall feel better. After all, you didn’t do all the hard work over summer for it to be lost in winter.

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