Top 4 Optimal Home Gym Set-ups

Home gyms allow you to be flexible in your exercise routine, this is more convenient than having a gym membership and finding an excuse not to make the journey. A must-have for anyone serious about staying fit is a home gym. Having a home gym lets you get a workout in without ever needing to leave the house. But the question is where do put your home gym.

We have listed a few ideas below to get you excited about starting your home gym.


The bedroom home gym

Some may not have the space to give their home gym its room. Not to worry as we have the perfect plan for your bedroom home gym.



  • Having your fitness equipment easy and accessible will encourage you to work out.
  • Using your bedroom will give you the privacy you need when working out that you wouldn’t get at the gym.
  • Having a tv most likely in this room you will have the perfect distraction for when you are working cardio into your routine or lifting weights, including any workout tutorials on YouTube.


Fitness Equipment ideas-

We would recommend at least one compact cardio item in your workout. Almost all our products do not require being plugged in allowing you to move this to any space in the room. We also have a range of products that are compact or foldable. If you were to choose a treadmill our entire range is completely folded away and transportable. If you were looking for something of a smaller size, we would recommend an Indoor Cycling Bike or Upright Bike that takes up very little space when in use.

A yoga mat and accessories are easy to store and space-saving during a workout.

A resistance band set can be a great asset. We have a resistance band set that attaches to your door for you to use.


Things to look out for-

  • If noise could be a problem for you having this in a space where there may be others sleeping in the other room then we can recommend our Cross-trainers, Indoor Cycling Bike, Upright Bike, or Recumbent Bike.
  • Avoid using your equipment as clothes hangers this will just deter you from working out knowing you will have to clear all the clothing off to begin.

The converted shed home gym

If you find any free-up space in your house, consider turning a shed into a gym! Just add Rubber tiles to protect the floors, shelving units for storage or racks for Dumbbells, and so on.



  • Using a space outside of your home can help you get into the mindset of working out your home and then your gym space.
  • Having your own space means no waiting for equipment making your workout process quicker and more efficient.


Fitness Equipment ideas-

Things to look out for-

Be aware of temperature changes in your shed, making sure it has plenty of ventilation. Some equipment can start to rust if in wet conditions.

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The living room home gym

Using your living room can end up being the only space in your home that you have accessible. While this does take you away from the distraction this will be in sight often as a reminder to work out which is positive and encouraging.



  • Your living room will have entertainment such as tv and or music that you can have on during your workout.
  • Easy access to your fitness equipment at hand to get workouts done.


Fitness Equipment ideas-

We recommend having a small weight set such as our Ergonomic dumbbell set or our 20kg cast iron dumbbell barbell set that is easily movable and stored.

A yoga mat or resistance band will be great space-saving for your living room.


Things to look out for-

Consider where you will store the equipment when not in use as this is a space most used in the home.

Strong and Beautiful Athletic Fitness Girl in Sportswear is Doing Cardio Exercises in Her Sunny and Spacious Living Room with Minimalistic Interior.

The garage home gym

Using your garage is a great place to put your home gym. Practising strength training and bodyweight training will be easy to do in this large space. A garage can be large enough to create the perfect dedicated space for home workouts.



  • The perfect space for a large functional workout area for strength training.
  • Removes you away from the distractions of your home.
  • Add in electricity easier for entertainment while working out.

Fitness Equipment ideas-

We recommend you put in floor tiles to protect your equipment and then you have endless possibilities on what you would want to add to your home gym.

You could include one to two cardio pieces from a Treadmill to a Rowing machine, an Indoor cycling bike to a Cross-trainer.

As many weights as you can fit from Dumbbells to Kettlebells, Olympic weight bars to Medicine balls.

You can add in Weight benches and Weight racks to assist you.


Things to look out for-

We would definitely recommend putting down tiles flooring for the safety of your equipment and yourself.

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Comment below where you have your home gym?

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