Tips for working out on a treadmill

treadmill workout

Do you know that a treadmill offers plenty of possibilities as far as exercise are concerned? Working out on a running machine can be satisfactory and fun. Plus it is a good way to burn those annoying calories that we still dragging from Easter, but are we appropriately exercising on the treadmill? Here you go some tips for working out on a treadmill.

The first to consider is breathe adequately during exercise. Sometimes we just breathe through our mouth making the workout more tiring. We should breathe effectively by inhaling oxygen through the nose and exhaling it through the mouth. At the beginning could be difficult doing so, but after a couple of times you will get used to and will notice the improvement.

The latter to consider is the posture. Many people at the gym run or walk on a treadmill with the incorrect posture. That makes them do not work properly all muscle groups and can cause them future injuries. To avoid that it is recommended to maintain an upright posture while working out on the running machine, by doing so you will work better the abs muscles.

Last but not least a variety of intensity when we exercise on the treadmill help us to burn more calories and prevent our body to get used to the same routine every day. Walking or running at the same speed and incline every time you exercise is a common mistake. The best way to burn calories and tone up is doing interval training which mix high speed exercises with different incline that increases the resistance. Try these treadmill workouts

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