Are you thinking about buying a home treadmill? Check the new JLL S400

jll s400 folding treadmill

Running, jogging or walking outdoors are a great way of exercise, but you are exposed to rain, wind or hot temperatures which make your workout harder, but a home running machine will help you to achieve your goals in the comfort of your own place. A good choice for those who are thinking about buying a treadmill is the new folding model that JLL Fitness has release; the S400 folding treadmill has all the mod cons of its older brother the JLL D300, but with some improvements which make it a very complete running machine.

This motorised treadmill can be used for anyone, from beginner to intermediate runners, from young to elder people, thanks to the Digital Controller technology that makes the change of speed smoother and safer. It starts at 0.3 km/h (the lowest speed available on the UK market) which is great for those who are in rehabilitation of injuries.

You will not feel bored exercising on the treadmill thanks to its different 15 running programmes. What’s more, you can customize the speed on the first three programmes. And accelerate your workout and weight loss with the incline; you will burn up to four times the fat calories just by walking!

s400 folding treadmill

You also can plug your iPod, iPhone or MP3 into USB interface and, this model also includes Bluetooth wireless connection. So you will stay motivated while listen your favourite music. Get rid of your earphones for incredible sound from the high powered speakers. Other characteristic that has been improved is the 12 point cushion deck that reduces the impact to your joints and the noise, and copies the feel of running on the road.
This foldable treadmill is perfect for home use with limited space. It is also very easy to transport due to the S400 is built on wheels.

Exercise on the 135 cm (length) x 45 cm (width) of running area gets the best results. Those dimensions are perfect for every foot strike, and make the workout very comfortable.
The JLL S400 specifications:

  • LCD monitor displays time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories and incline.
  • Emergency stop key.
  • Shock absorption system.
  • Heart rate control program.
  • Pause workout memory function.
  • Total memory function.
  • Quick Speed Buttons: the pre-set speed buttons make easier the workout (5 and 8 km/h)
  • LCD brightness adjustable.
  • 2 x Item holder.
  • Foldable and easy transport.
  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg or 18.8 St or 264 lb.
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