The Two Biggest Reasons Why You Should Start Lifting Weights

Going to the gym and lifting weights, specifically, has not only transformed my body, it has transformed my life. I still remember the first time I took that step to do it. I was so nervous and intimidated, but it was the best decision I have made in my own fitness journey. If you are still hesitant to incorporate weight training in some fashion, do not worry. I am here to show you why it will be a game changer!


1. Lifting weights helps you reach your body goals faster

lifting weights
We all want to exercise to not only be healthy, but to build an awesome physique in the process, right? I am a strong advocate for incorporating some type of weightlifting into your overall fitness plan for that reason. I also strongly recommend that you also make sure to incorporate cardio into your routine because it is good for your overall health. However, if cardio is the only thing you do in the gym, chances are you may build muscle endurance, but not build muscles and achieve the body of your dreams.

Would you want to do endless hours of cardio without any weightlifting just to have your muscles look flat? Or incorporate weight lifting and have your muscles pop out?
That is what weightlifting will do for you! It not only burns the same if not more calories than when you do cardio. It also takes you less time to burn them. Mind-blowing right?!
Have you ever done cardio, week after week, and your body still looks the same? I know that feeling too well. Lifting weights will change that.


2. It also helps you build sustainable habits

Lifting weights not only helps you reach your body goals faster. It also helps you build the right habits that will change your life. When you are lifting weights, the goal is always to progress and get better. This teaches you how to be accountable to yourself, how to be consistent, and how to persevere through the hard times. Going to the weight room is also intimidating, isn’t it? You might get anxiety because everyone you see go there just looks too intimidating. Or you may not know where to start. But by taking that small step to go there and lift weights, you not only become more confident in the process, you’ll realize that everyone there is actually kind and respects you for doing what you are doing. The act of lifting weights takes you out of your comfort zone and helps you grow, both physically and mentally.


In Conclusion

Lifting weights is awesome. You are always going in with a challenge at hand, which keeps you motivated. You can also experiment with different exercises, preventing you from burning out.
Once you incorporate it into your own fitness journey, I promise that it will help you make changes in your life that goes beyond the gym.

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