The Most Effective Weight Loss Food Tips

It’s leading up to that time of year where we all start to panic over not having our dream summer bodies. The pressure of trying to lose several pounds in such a short space of time leads to extreme diets and unhealthy weight loss practices.

From scarily reducing our calorie intake to ridiculous sacrifice diets, we can put our body and mind under unnecessary stress.

If your aim is to lose weight before your upcoming holiday, or just to feel comfortable in your own skin, we have 4 weight loss food tips to help you reach your goals, healthily.

Portion Control

The trick to eliminate overeating, is to reduce your portion size.

A lot of us suffer with overindulging, not fully knowing when to stop and feeling stuffed and sluggish straight after. Opting for a smaller plate will limit the chance of overeating, bloating and keep you inside your calorie bracket. Not only will you feel lighter, but you should also feel full, especially if you have chosen a fibre-dense meal.


Something I wish I learnt earlier was the 80/20 rule. This is simply eating 80% ‘healthy’ food, with the other 20% left for a treat.

Aim to consume 3 nutritional meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and use your left-over calories on something sweet!

By allowing ourselves to enjoy something ‘unhealthy’, we acknowledge and answer our cravings, we feel less restricted and therefore, are less likely to pick or over-indulge.

Although we aren’t completely cutting out unhealthy foods, we are reducing our intake. By doing this, we subconsciously slow our cravings for these foods that don’t particularly benefit us.

Don’t Restrict

When we start our weight loss journey, we set ourselves unachievable goals and decide to cut everything out one random Monday. Drastically dropping our calories and completely cutting out sugar will only make us feel dull and lethargic.

Crash diets rarely lead to consistent weight loss as it is impossible to maintain, taking us back to where we started.

The aim is to make healthier choices, stop restricting and start incorporating the foods you love into a healthier lifestyle.  Food is there to be enjoyed, just in proportion.

Plan your Meals

Something as simple as planning our meals can greatly improve our diet and weight loss journey.

We’re all guilty of picking when “there’s no food in the house” or opting for a calorific delivery because we don’t want to cook. But these ‘little treats’ soon add up and become more regular than we realise.

By planning our meals for the week, we eliminate the ‘lack of ideas’ element – no wasting time stuck on what to make, the meal and ingredients are ready for you. Planning also allows us to pick the healthier options, keeping us on track. You limit your snacking and save money in the process.

To take it that step further, we recommend meal prepping. This is simply cooking a meal in bulk and spreading your supply over the next few days, making it as easy as possible to stay on track. Meal prepping will also save you a bunch of time and is perfect for those with a busy schedule.

BONUS WEIGHT LOSS TIP = Wait 7 minutes after your last meal before eating again – it takes time for your food to digest and for your body to realise you’re full.

It goes without saying that exercise will also aid weight loss. So, if you’re looking for a speedy turnaround, we advise adding some workouts to your weekly routine. If you’re struggling to start the gym, we recommend working out from home.

At JLL, we offer a range of products to assist your workouts and help you push that little bit further.

We also have several at home workouts you can try out, located on all our social media platforms.

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