The Benefits of Cross-Training

What is Cross-Training?

Cross-training is simply where you add different types of training into your workout routine. Mixing your week up by strength training one day and attending a Pilates class the next adds variety and range whilst keeping your body moving in a several ways.


Firstly, the most obvious benefit of cross-training is that it keeps working out interesting. By constantly mixing up your routine you’ll never get bored and therefore are more likely to stick to your plan.


The combination of self-training and attending classes allows you to be trained and for you to train yourself – so on those days when you’re lacking motivation – you don’t need to think, just take yourself to a local class and position all your focus into working hard.


Incorporating different forms of exercise into your weekly routine helps target different parts of the body and can benefit you in a range of ways. For example, weight training helps improve strength and builds muscle, whilst Pilates and Yoga will boost flexibility and balance. Pair these together and you’ll feel the burn all over. (Find the best Yoga & Pilates equipment here:


You will find that different exercises complement each other. Enhanced flexibility and mobility from low intensity training can assist you during weightlifting and cardio by allowing full range of motion. You’re less likely to injure yourself and better balance will ensure technique is correct and weight is even.


Adding variety into your routine can help you gain new skills or reveal hidden ones. You may discover a way of working out that you love and fits your lifestyle.

Routine Plan

Finding a workout routine that works for you is personal and requires a bit of trial and error.

However, we have put together a few workout plans that could fit nicely into your life if you’re struggling on knowing where to start.


Weekly Plan 1

Monday = Weight Training

Tuesday = Pilates

Wednesday = Weight Training

Thursday = Spin Class

Friday = Rest Day

Saturday = Yoga

Sunday = Rest Day/Walk


Weekly Plan 2

Monday = Cardio

Tuesday = Swimming

Wednesday = Walk

Thursday = Rest Day

Friday = Cardio

Saturday = Home Cycle

Sunday = Rest Day/Walk

Overall, the goal is to add 2-3 different ways of working out into your weekly routine. Try choosing workouts that benefit your body differently. From strength training to high intensity training, to low intensity, flexibility training etc.

This layout allows you to work out from both the gym and your home, making it easily doable and encourages variety.

It’s also good to remember that we need and deserve rest days so don’t be scared to take one.


Cross-training isn’t necessary for you to see results, however it’s extremely positive and keeps working out exciting. You will also find that both your physical and mental health will improve rapidly. So give it a go, you might discover your new favourite hobby.

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