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Using a Treadmill to Train for a Marathon

Now Spring has sprung we’re finally into the marathon season with hundreds of marathons, half marathons, mud runs, fun runs and various Takeshi’s Castle like events taking place all over the globe. A big debate in the world of running is the value of using a treadmill when training for long distance running. While some people...

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Stay Lean When The Weather Is Mean – S400 Review

The winter months are drawing in and the struggle is real. A lot of people experience the same thing; the cold, dark nights’ sap people of energy and motivation. Suddenly the post work workout or the drive to the gym becomes strenuous as people lose the will cook dinner let alone perform any excessive exercise. So...

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JLL S300 Home Treadmill Review

In a world where home workouts and home gyms are constantly growing more popular, the treadmill is always the backbone of home fitness. Treadmills are great for shredding fat, toning muscles, physiotherapy and even stress relief. Today we’re looking at JLL Fitness’ pride and joy…The JLL S300 Folding Treadmill. There are so many things to consider when...