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Winter Workouts for 2023/24

Many people find their bodies slow down over the winter, whether because of decreased sunlight, a rise in food intake, or something else. We don’t know exactly what causes this seasonal slump, but research has shown that...


How Listening to Music Can Improve Your Workout

We’ve all struggled pushing ourselves at the gym, that lack of motivation can really take a toll on the quality of our workouts. But the one thing that can always boost a session; music. Boost Mood &...

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Home Gym Setup’s During Lockdown

Throughout lockdown exercising has become a more and more popular way for us to pass the time and learn new things. Inspiring us to get up and make the most of it. From running, outdoor yoga classes to learning new sports people have been coming up with all different ways to keep fit and make positive changes.


Who is Wendy Ida?

Who is Wendy Ida? Wendy Ida (Pronounced “ee-da”) is America’s number one expert on looking fit, fierce and fabulous after the age of forty. Right now Wendy is sixty-four years young and is a speaker, life transformation...