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Choosing An Exercise Bike

One of the most popular fitness exercise machines is the exercise bike but buying one is not as straight forward as going to the shop and picking one out. There are many things to consider before you do this. You will want to consider not only the price but also the type of bike, whether you want an...

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JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Bike® Review – As Good As Ever?

Indoor cycling bikes are wonderful things. They’re effective and serious pieces of training equipment that also look the part. However, such elite instruments of fitness can come at a sturdy price. This is why we love the JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Bike®. It’s a bike that’s built for action whilst at the same time isn’t going...

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JLL IC600 – Why Are We Excited About It?

If you’ve been keeping up to date with our website and social media, then you’ll know all about the release of the JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike®. It’s something we’re really excited about, and here’s why…   A Brief History Popularity for the previous incarnations of the IC series bikes have grew and grew...