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What To Expect From Your First Yoga Class

Trying something new for the first time can always be a bit daunting, worried if you’ll make a mistake and completely embarrass yourself? You’re not the only one; we’ve all had those feelings.  Whether you’re brand new to yoga or you’ve tried it in the past at home, read our tips below on what to expect...

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6 simple ways that will help you to get happiness

We live in an overall world. We run to everywhere (university, work, gym…) We do not have spare time for our friends or family because we are too busy chasing the dream of full happiness that we think we would find on the future when we have a better job, a better house, better friends… And...

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Top 6 reasons to work out regularly

Government, health authorities and specialised TV programmes are telling us how good exercise is for our well-being, but sometimes they forget to tell us why we have to do it. As a nearly-exercise-addict I will tell you my top 6 reasons to work out regularly, besides maintaining weight loss or burning calories. 1. Lift your mood,...