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Training or Physio? The Wobble Board Can Do It All!

Have you ever wondered what piece of fitness equipment is just as suitable for both a 6ft4” body builder and a 70-year-old recovering from knee surgery? Probably not, however there is an answer to that question and that is the wobble board! In this article we look through the uses and benefits of them. A Wobble...

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A Balance Trainer Will Give You A Stronger Core Than An Apple

A lot of people experience the same thing. They walk into the gym and can recognise 95% of the equipment in there. The treadmills, the exercise bikes, the weights and even the zany looking cross trainers. But wait a minute, what’s that over there?! Why does there appear to be a child’s space hopper cut in...

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Get the Butt of a Model with These Simply Exercises

Right, Easter holiday has gone and summer is around the corner. Fortunately, we do not have any other ‘event’ that required us to eat sweets and lots of food. So we can do a proper work out for our skimpiest bikini and keep going with our healthy plan diet. This post may help you to get...