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How Daily Exercise Can Change your Life

It’s not new news that exercise comes with a multitude of benefits. We are programmed to move our bodies daily, and for good reason. Physical activity doesn’t just have positive effects on your body but can also...


How Listening to Music Can Improve Your Workout

We’ve all struggled pushing ourselves at the gym, that lack of motivation can really take a toll on the quality of our workouts. But the one thing that can always boost a session; music. Boost Mood &...


National Fitness Day 2022 Competition + Free Workout

National Fitness Day 2022 National Fitness Day 2022 was established to get the UK moving and become more active in their day-to-day life. It brings people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds together in physical activity, helping...


Why September is the best time to kick-start your fitness journey?

The end of summer can be the best time to start planning new workout regimes, building resilience for the winter, and changing your diet.

Most people see January as the best time to start your fitness planning, however, 66% of people quit their new year plans within one month of that. No need to worry as September is here and it’s scientifically proven to be the perfect time to reset your fitness routines.