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Using a Treadmill to Train for a Marathon

Now Spring has sprung we’re finally into the marathon season with hundreds of marathons, half marathons, mud runs, fun runs and various Takeshi’s Castle like events taking place all over the globe. A big debate in the world of running is the value of using a treadmill when training for long distance running. While some people...

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Customize your workout plans with treadmill exercises

Treadmill is a device that is used for running or walking while you stay at the same place. It includes exercise on a treadmill bicycle which is combined with the blood pressure and the electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring. Treadmill has a machine providing with a platform set in motion with the help of a wide conveyor belt...

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Which are the JLL best seller treadmills and why?

If you are on our home treadmill page and you are not sure about what model is more suitable for you, this post may help you. Within our range of running machines, our best-selling treadmills are the D100 and the S300. But, why are our best sellers? First of all, the price that is very competitive....