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Want To Know About The Latest Dance Fitness Style ? Here’s how.

The Start Of Physique 57 © 2016 Physique 57 © 2016 is a dance fitness exercise regime that began in February 2006 in New York City and was founded by Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and Tanya Becker. This style blends a full body energising cardio and fluid balletic barre based dance exercises. They focus on muscle sculpting, endurance and...


Who is Wendy Ida?

Who is Wendy Ida? Wendy Ida (Pronounced “ee-da”) is America’s number one expert on looking fit, fierce and fabulous after the age of forty. Right now Wendy is sixty-four years young and is a speaker, life transformation and fitness expert as well as a TV host with a bestselling book. Wendy’s Story is that she is...

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Training or Physio? The Wobble Board Can Do It All!

Have you ever wondered what piece of fitness equipment is just as suitable for both a 6ft4” body builder and a 70-year-old recovering from knee surgery? Probably not, however there is an answer to that question and that is the wobble board! In this article we look through the uses and benefits of them. A Wobble...