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A lot of people become extra hungry during the holiday season and eat more than they should. This surely has something to do with the holiday spirit, going home and visiting your family, but overeating is absolutely unnecessary. If you have to do something to get rid of the extra weight you gained and try to stay fit, here are some tips on how to do it without disrupting your everyday rituals and life.

Food Choices

This is the widest category with the biggest amount of choices – choose an apple, a sugar-free drink or low-fat milk instead of a chocolate bar, a soda or regular milk. Also, you can adapt your diet to eat several times a day instead of two or three, and this will allow your metabolism to be active all the time and process the food you’re taking in. In addition to that, try to avoid sugar and other harmful and fattening items.

You can always make your own meals, especially the desserts! Try and bring a home-cooked meal to the office, instead of opting for take-out: that way you will know exactly what your organism is getting itself into.

Be More Active: Walking

Yes, having a car in a big city is a necessity and if it takes you half an hour or more to get to work every day, than there’s no way to avoid it. But what you can avoid is using the car when visiting your friends who live nearby or going to the local market, post office and cinema. Go on foot and you will see how this simple exercise makes a lot of difference. You will feel more enthusiastic and be glad to be in the open for a change.

Also, this will give you ideas for more walking options. If you live near your office, there should be no excuses: waking up a bit more early will surely pay off. Walking is one of the best and easiest forms of exercises, it’s free and it will help you remain healthy and fit.

Be More Active: Advanced Options

Once you introduce regular walking sessions into your everyday life – and, trust me, this will come in a week or two – you are ready for other choices. Take the stairs in your building instead of an elevator, or even pick up the pace on your daily walks. This will not tire you and cause any problems, and lifting the bar day by day will get you from zero to a hundred in no time. Also, introduce regular bike rides or walk your dog more often: a few kilometers of fast pace will not only be good for your figure, but also lower your stress.


When talking about healthy and good diet-related items, detox tea is one of the best options. Drink a cup in the morning before starting your day, or in the evening after you’ve finished with all your activities in order to cleanse your body. A cup or two a day is enough to make you feel better, get healthier and improve the overall state you’re in – plus, it will force all the negative or potentially harmful things out of your system and lift your spirit.


This may sound too obvious, but doing your house chores on a daily basis can actually help you a lot. There’s a lot of walking, bending, stretching, lifting and moving the entire body included in cleaning, making beds, recycling, sorting the trash and other activities that you’re forced to do anyway. So why not make them useful and make them a part of your fitness regime?

Expected Results

These ideas all have the same goal – to make you fitter – and all originate in the same source – your everyday life. You don’t have to do anything drastically new or change a lot, just try to alter your habits and pay attention to your physical activities, and the results will present themselves in a matter of weeks.



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Norah Martin has struggled with her weight for a large part of her life, and has always believed losing weight requires a lot of effort. She has come to learn that staying in shape is not as hard as it looks, and she’s now on the way to becoming the best version of herself she can be.

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