Staying active during the workday

Finding time in the day to fit everything in can be a challenge.  Spending most of your waking hours at work means it can be a struggle to make time to exercise in your free time. It can also be very easy to finish your workday and either not have the time or the energy to get active.

A great way to ensure you have the energy and find the time to exercise is to introduce it into your work life. We have some great ways for you to step away from your desk and get active with the help of your colleagues and on your own.


Try some of these ways to get your blood pumping while at work-


  • Keep small hand weights or resistance band sets at your desk for bicep curls, lateral raises, rows, and overhead presses. You can find just what you need by clicking the links here – Weights or resistance bands.


  • Between eating your lunch and fitting in your exercise, you may not have allot of time to spare on your lunch to be active. Try keeping a pair of trainers next to your desk and go for a power walk or find a quiet place to do some quick yoga poses.


  • If you sit at a desk, try adding a yoga ball instead of a chair. Sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair is thought to improve posture and prevent and relieve back pain. We have varied high-quality options for yoga balls.


  • Most of us will spend hours hunched over our phones or computers which can take a toll on our back, hips, neck, and shoulders. Try some of the following stretches at your desk once a day.


Tricep stretches

  1. Raise your arm and bend it so that your hand reaches toward the opposite side.
  2. Use your other hand to pull your elbow towards your head.
  3. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Repeat twice on each side.


Torso stretch or trunk rotation

  1. Keep your legs facing forward.
  2. Twist your upper body in the direction of the arm resting on the back of your desk chair.
  3. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Repeat twice on each side.


Hamstring stretch

  1. Remain seated and extend one leg outward.
  2. Reach towards your toes.
  3. Hold for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Repeat twice on each side.


  • Tracking your steps during the day can also be a great way to make sure you are being active during the day. Try walking to another colleague instead of calling them, if possible, to get yourself moving. Try our W100 tracking watch to keep an eye on your activity.


  • Try walking or riding a bike to work if possible. Why not start the day as you mean to go on by getting some great exercise in before even getting to work? Not only can you feel great about being environmentally friendly by cutting down on pollutants from your car, but it can be super rewarding with the release of adrenaline and endorphins.


  • It’s always more encouraging to work out when you have a friend working with you towards a goal, why don’t you try setting up an office fitness challenge? Below we will list a few ideas for challenges you could start with your colleagues.


  1. Walking challenge- Try getting everyone to 10,000 steps a day for the month.
  2. Exercise for a cause- find a charity that you all would like to support with a fun run or sponsored walk.
  3. Dance till your drop challenge- A fun and easy way to get everyone moving in the day.
  4. Drink more water- Setting challenges to drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day could be a great way to increase your daily intake. Try one of our bottles to help you monitor your intake.


We hope you have all you need to start your active workday and make changes for a more active lifestyle. Let us know in the comments how you have been getting on implementing these changes.

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