Staying Active Daily Tip for Wednesday

Daily Tip

Have a look to see how far your local shop is from where you live if it is within comfortable walking distance then try to walk it.

You do not have to do this daily just start by doing it once a week until you have built up some confidence and then slowly increase it by adding another day at a time.

Walking is a great form of low impact exercise; it is a form exercise that allows you to control the pace and also the time at which you do it.

Walking will give you a cardiovascular workout as well work your muscles and joints.

Keeping yourself active is really important adding exercise to your daily routine is a great way to remain independent, keep yourself busy and above all improve your fitness levels.

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Sarah Fisher

Marketing & Copywriter at JLL Electoronics Ltd
I am 33 and have two dogs that keep me active and fit. I love to explore the outdoors and I’m always looking for new ideas to add fun to my fitness regime.

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