Staying Active Daily FitnessTip for Tuesday

Tip 2

Small changes to your daily routine can have a beneficial impact on your health.

Adding a task to your daily routine will keep both your mind and body active.

A daily task does not have to be complicated or strenuous or could be something as simple as doing the laundry.

List the various aspects involved in your task, for example separating the colours, loading the washing machine, adding the detergent and softener, emptying the washing machine, hanging the washing out, removing the washing off the line, folding the washing, ironing the clothes, hanging the clothes up.

Tick off each task as you do it so that you know what the next step is.

People over the age of 65 spend an average of four more hours a day either sitting or lying down. Introducing a daily task to your routine could help prevent dementia, heart diseases and strokes associated with an inactive lifestyle.

By varying your daily routine you will keep your memory function as active as your body

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Sarah Fisher

Marketing & Copywriter at JLL Electoronics Ltd
I am 33 and have two dogs that keep me active and fit. I love to explore the outdoors and I’m always looking for new ideas to add fun to my fitness regime.

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