Staying Active Daily Tip for Friday

Daily Tip 5


Weather permitting tend to your garden, try growing fruit or vegetables as it will give you a reason to garden regularly.

Spending time outdoors will boost your daily vitamin D intake and help you to keep your body active.

Your garden is a mini gym, you can use it to walk around, you can lift your watering can and you can work your joints by bending down to tend to your garden.

Give yourself a reason to go out there by creating a vegetable patch or growing some fruit.

Keeping both your mind and Body active can help you maintain your independence and improve your general fitness and wellbeing.

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Sarah Fisher

Marketing & Copywriter at JLL Electoronics Ltd
I am 33 and have two dogs that keep me active and fit. I love to explore the outdoors and I’m always looking for new ideas to add fun to my fitness regime.

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