How to Buy The Right Shoes For Any Exercise


Whether it is bodybuilding, strength training or endurance workout, having a footwear that fits perfectly is the key to reaching your fitness goals. Reason being, wearing the right shoes helps you maintain proper posture protecting you from unnecessary injuries while exercising. But just like any other shoe, not all fitness shoes are equal.

Regardless of your sports or workout routine, these tips will help you choose the right shoes.


1. Hiking

When hiking your feet needs proper cushioning, support and protection from rough grounds. In this case, regular walking footwear won’t do you any good. You needs something stronger, and that will offer you proper ankle support and at the same time withstand beaten track. So look for some sturdy leather hard boot.

2. Running

There two things to focus on when buying running shoes; your gait and shock absorption. First determine whether you are a pronator, supinator or neutral. Keep in mind; running shoes are created to prevent over-supination or over-pronation. So, buy footwear that suit your weight and gait. Running shoes may also work well for walking.

3. Court activities

Court sports is a perfect choice if you want to stay fit and have fun at the same time. Unfortunately, even such kind of fun sports can be demanding when it comes to footwear. Court sports incorporates side-to-side motions or explosive movements that might not work well with running shoes that always have thick soles. You need footwear that can move in all directions and with no marking soles. Also, make sure that they are not heavy on your feet.

4. Weightlifting

Weightlifting involves generating force using your hips and legs. To prevent injuries, you need shoes that are stable and comfortable enough. The most important thing to focus on when buying weightlifting shoes is heel height. So, find weightlifting footwear with a heel height that suits your needs. This kind of footwear will also work best for calisthenics and many other indoor workouts.

5. Field Sports – Soccer, baseball, etc.

Field sports involves quick movements that can be injurious if not performed correctly. You need fitness sneakers that provide more traction for abrupt and spontaneous changes. For soccer, football, baseball and more, go for cleats with higher tops for ankle stability. But ensure that they are designed specifically for your sport.


Final words

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can be demotivating, especially when your workout session is long and vigorous. One fact is, you can’t exercise longer when your feet feels pinched. If you want your workouts to be a success, you need footwear that is not only comfortable but also fits perfectly around your feet. So, don’t be too hasty to buy any shoes. With the tips above, your final choice can’t be disappointing.


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