Does Running Exercise The Abs?


Running is a great supplement to your abs exercise since it is an effective workout for burning excess fat. It is an essential form of aerobic exercise. One of the primary reasons why people jog or run is to be in shape.

For other people, being in fitness just means to be slim and slender, while for someone it means having split six-pack abs. Besides looking good, great abs are healthy. Running or cardio exercises indeed play a crucial in how your abs look. As a result, many people run on a regular basis to get well-defined abs.

The main reason why running is consolidated in many fitness programs is that it is an effective way to lose fat. If you have too much abdomen fat, the excess layers of fat will hide your abdominal muscles.

Some people do in particular have well-developed abs, but the surplus layers of the fat block the abdominal muscles from emerging. In short, your lack of success in getting abs may be due to extra belly fat. Although running does not directly target your abs, you can certainly use it to help define your abs.

To target your abs, you need to combine your running exercise with some other moves. They including lying draw-in with hip flexion (leg lifts), stick crunches, Hip Twist, Oblique Bridge and sit-ups.

Lying Draw-In with Hip Flexion (Leg Lifts):


Advantage: Exercises your lower abs to support the pelvis during alternating leg actions.

Stick Crunch:


Advantage: Extends the abdominal wall and promotes the balance of the lower spine and pelvis while running.

Hip Twist:

Advantage: Stimulates the abdominal muscles that restrict excessive abdomen turn during running.

Oblique Joint:

Advantage: Increases the muscles required in sustaining oblique balance at the spine, pelvis, and hips.

Supine Running:

Advantage: Establishes the lower abs and hip flexors with a running-specific leg move.

Tips On How To Get Great Abs

  1. Run at varying intervals. This requires occasional periods of running and jogging. While jogging burns calories, running causes your body to burn calories for an extended period. Thus, doing a sequence of running and jogging maximizes the fraction of calories your body can burn.


  1. Complement your running with abdominal workouts. To gain abs, you must perform exercises that are particularly intended to aim them. A study by the American Directorate on Exercise proved that the bicycle movement, captain’s chair, upward leg crunch, and torso remains are some of the most active ab exercises. Be positive to incorporate those workouts in your shape program to enhance your results.


  1. Cherish good eating practices. Try your best to avoid meals that are high in harmful fats and processed sugars. Eating such diets threaten your exercises by expanding belly fat. Aim to foster proper eating ways by just decreasing calories and eating meals rich in necessary nutrients and vitamins.abs
  2. Do not exercise your abs so much. Over exercising your abs will not give you faster outcomes. In fact, over training may slow or even prevent your results. A study from Bridgewater State University insinuates that exercising too much your abs can make you less active in other workouts. Preferably, be objective and seek to practice your abs two or three times a week.


Benefits To Having Great Abs Specific To Runners

Excellent Running Achievement And Fewer Cramps

Visible abs result from not only having a little amount of abdominal fat but also from having well-conditioned core muscles. This can be achieved by minimizing wasteful movement at the joints; strong abs makes your stride more efficient so that you can run faster, longer.

Great abs strengthen the balance of your pelvis, hips, and even your knees while running. The effect is less strain on your tissues and connective membranes and less possibility of injury.

Apart From Looking Good, Great Abs Are Healthy

The study has shown that for both male and female, there is an apparent similarity between the quantity of abdominal fat a body has and the risk of developing metabolic complications such as heart disease and diabetes.

Certainly, women and men with visible abdominal muscles have a small amount of belly fat and hence lessen their chances of getting diabetes and heart diseases.


Yes! Running will assist in aiming your abdominal muscles. However, running solely will not reveal results fast. Therefore, excellent exercises for smoothing your abdominal muscles are needed to produce those well-defined abs. Lastly, do not forget taking supplements for runners as they will help in toning your muscles both in the lower body and upper body.

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