Reasons for using an exercise bike

Cycling is one of the most complete and universal activities to prevent back pain, protect joints and improve the circulatory and immune system and also keep your mental health in order. Pedalling, besides being healthy for your body and mind, it is an excellent remedy for fuel costs and emissions of toxic gases cause cars.

It is good for your body

Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise which strengthens our heart and lowers blood pressure. This exercise also helps to reduce body fat and helps the person who practiced to maintain a better silhouette. Pedalling just ten minutes per day can reduce up to 50% risk of heart attack, and do it for at least half an hour  it would train the maximum quadriceps and tone and harden the buttocks. Also, if that was not enough, there is evidence to adopt a correct position on the saddle strengthens back muscles and makes it less prone to aches and contractures. Unlike the activities in which no beating, such as jumping or running, knees are protected with exercise bike work. That seventy to eighty per cent of your body weight is on the saddle and not on your knees.

JF500 Spin Bike

The greater benefits of cycling are in its normal use, those who go to work every day by bike enjoy a greater health benefits for those who practice sport only on weekends. Duration and frequency of the journeys should be adjusted according to the physical condition, age and get the results you want.

 It is one of the best natural antidepressants that exist

Pedalling keeps you in touch with yourself and with your own thoughts for a while, free from distractions. Besides releasing endorphins and neurotransmitters in the brain that make feel better to the person who cycle. It is proven that those who cycle regularly suffer less depression and psychological diseases due to the brain is more oxygenated. Bikes also secrete hormones that generate addiction, a healthy addiction.


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