Post Easter Workout – Burn Off Those Chocolate Bunnies!

So that dreaded time of the year behind Christmas and Birthdays for any fitness fanatic is over. Easter has come and gone and only the really strict have surpassed the Easter bank holiday without touching a single chocolate egg, rabbit or any other confectionery filled mammal. So what about the rest of us? What about those who haven’t been as strict and have eaten enough chocolate to feed a small country? Well have no fear because today we’re talking about the best ways to get you back onto that fitness track.


With this task I’m treating it as if I were to exercise after a large meal or a cheat day. Those odd occasions when you’re celebrating something and that double decker cheese and bacon burger looks too good to resist. When the previous night’s atrocity has occurred I always tell myself one thing before embarking upon exercise the next day… “take it easy”. I’ve seen too many people who feel that the only way to correct a bad meal or a bad few days is to work out like a man possessed. It isn’t. All that will do is make you more susceptible to injury and possibly make you sick which is the last thing anyone wants (no matter where you work out).

It’s the simple things that will get you back on track. For example, if you’re runner and you enjoy a simple 5K run every other day, then pushing your personal best isn’t the greatest idea after 4 days of indulging. From personal experience I’ve found that just taking it easy and getting yourself around your route at a gentle pace does you the world of good. It ensures that your heart rate is raised, adequate fat can still be burnt and your metabolism will still stay at a high rate. This also applies in the gym whether you’re on the treadmill, cross trainer, rower or exercise bike.

If you feel like you have eaten too many Easter eggs over the course of the bank holidays, then the best way to go is always fat burning exercises and workouts. By far the most popular and trendiest fat burning workouts are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts which I’ve talked about extensively before. The beauty of these workouts is that they burn high amounts of calories over a short period of time. They’re also designed just to burn fat so it’s not something that’s going to help you bulk, but you soon will shed weight. Again, these are ideal for those of us that have guzzled too many chocolate bunnies.

A simple HIIT workout that can be done at home is a skipping workout. I’ve campaigned about how good skipping is for fitness before so I won’t go into too much detail. The best thing to do to burn that Easter fat is to grab you skipping rope and a timer. From here complete 8 rounds of the following:

  • 30 seconds of light intensity basic jumps
  • 30 seconds of max intensity alternate foot jumps

Set your timer to beep every 30 seconds. This 8-minute workout will burn more fat than a standard steady cardio session. The great thing about this HIIT workout is that it will carry on burning fat after you’re done.


Feeling motivated yet? We all feel sluggish after the standard Easter indulgence so what better way to shake that feeling with these tips.

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