Why do you need a slow start up speed on a Home Treadmill?

There are a lot of varying brands of home treadmills on the market today and each comes with its own selling point. It can be hard to choose a machine especially if it is going to be used by multiple people in the household. One specification that can sometimes get over looked is the start up speed. It is such an important part of your treadmill however it is something that we take for granted.

How is a slow start up speed safe on a treadmill?

By opting for a treadmill with a slow start up speed you will find that once it is switched on the belt will start to move smoothly there is no sudden jerking as the machine kicks into action. Currently the slowest start up speed in the U.K is 0.3km per hour. Most machines on the market however start at 1km per hour so you really need to look for those that offer the lower speed.

Who can benefit from a slow start up speed?

The slow speed is designed for any user so they can feel confident when starting out on the machine. A speed of just 0.3km per hour is great for the elderly or those that are going through physical therapy or rehabilitation. The slow speed is great for boosting confidence for those that do not feel steady on their feet or need to gradually work on their leg strength.

Gradually increasing your speed

S400 treadmill monitor controls

If you have found a machine with a slow start up speed of 0.3 km per hour then the next step would be to check the increment grades between speeds. JLL Fitness offer Home Folding Treadmills with a 0.3km per hour start up speed as well as increments of 0.1km per hour. Gradually increasing the speed by small amounts will feel safe as you won’t feel a jump from slow to fast. As your endurance and strength increases so can your speed.

Warming up and cooling down

It is always recommended that you use a slow speed to warm up before you increase the intensity this so your muscles can get used to the physical activity and strain. Once you have finished your workout return to the slow speed so your body can cool down before you stop.

Hidden Features of a Home Treadmill

Always stop and think about what you buying and the reasons for buying it as some features do get overlooked. Speed is vital to a treadmill and can make the difference between a confident user and an occasional user. The speed can also influence who users the machine in the house and for what purpose whether it is for weight loss, rehabilitation or to improve your general fitness levels.

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