Creating a Home Gym That Makes You Want to Exercise

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Love working out but hate the trek to your nearest sports centre. Why not trade in the extra miles for a home gym? Converting a room in your house can save you money in a gym membership and help keep you motivated so you never miss a workout. Our article shares some handy tips for all your home fitness needs.

Whether it’s the thought of getting up on cold mornings or working late shifts, there’s always a reason to skip the gym. If you’re serious about whipping your muscles into shape, however, a home gym might be just what you need! Follow these tips to create a motivating home workout space where you’ll always be keen to fit in a session. 

Best Home Gym Space 

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  • The Garage

Looking for the perfect spot to set up your home gym? If you’ve got the budget, a garage renovation is an ideal option! Garages are usually well-insulated and will stop sound travelling through the rest of the house. Plus, you can always cool down by opening the door. If you want to keep things simple, set up a few rubber mats and a weight set, and your good to go. However, if you’ve got the budget for a full renovation, a garage conversion to a home gym is estimated to cost between £5000-£10,000. 

  • The Spare Room

Converting a room on the ground floor is probably the cheapest way to create a perfect home gym. You won’t have to worry about heavy machines creating noise or structural problems on the floor and your only expenditures will be buying home gym equipment and decorating. If you live with others, try and choose a room that’s away from the bedrooms. That way you won’t disturb anyone when you’re pounding on the treadmill. If you live alone, or workout during sociable hours, put your home gym as close to the bedroom as possible. This way, when you roll out of bed, you’ll have no excuse for not throwing on your workout clothes. If you’re still feeling sleepy and finding it hard to drum up any motivation, try a strong coffee or the best caffeine pills for workouts that you can find.

Think About Your Equipment 

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When designing your workout space, you should think ahead with your home gym workout plan. How do you want to use your fitness space? If your focus is on gaining muscle, you should consider which machines or free weights will help you do this, and which ones will be your priorities. 

If you love cardio, set aside money for a treadmill. Or, if you know you’re most interested in dance, give yourself plenty of floor space. You can also invest in interlocking rubber mats to decrease the impact on the floor.

Make It Aesthetic 

Your home gym should be a room you love to spend time in. When planning your interior design and home gym organization, take this into account. Don’t make the lighting too stark if you have mirrors, as this can negatively alter your appearance and make you feel insecure. If you have a great outside view, or love light, airy rooms, big windows are a must! 


However, if you arrange your home gym, you should tailor it to you. Making a space you adore is the key to developing a workout routine you love! We hope our tips have helped. 

Final Call: How did you create your home gym? What machinery did you put in it? How do you motivate yourself to work out? Share Pictures and any tips in the comments!


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