Male Yoga…Why The Downward Facing Dog Could Replace Your Dumbbell

Men of the world! We live in 2016. It’s no longer acceptable to get in a taxi unless the word ‘UBER’ is scrawled across the side. The ‘selfie’ is an actual certified oxford defined noun, and also, it’s very cool for the modern man to put down the dumbbells and start stretching out on Yoga ball.

male yoga

The stereotype is set in stone. Men ‘pump iron’, ‘get juiced’ or very rarely may even partake in ‘feeding the pythons’. While Women participate in Yoga, Pilates or will stand in front of Davina McCall in their living room while she barks orders at them. But hurrah! There’s yet another shift in fitness trends. Yoga and Yoga poses specifically tailored for men are ever emerging. The benefits of incorporating male Yoga into your weight lifting workout routine are fantastic with some fitness gurus starting to class it as essential.

If it’s something you’re new to, then it can be intimidating to just jump into it. There’s numerous things to consider such as what poses should I do? How often should I do them? How beneficial will male Yoga actually be? Have no fear though as we guide you through the phenomenon that is male Yoga.

So why try Yoga? The popular consensus is that Yoga is relaxing and de-stresses even the most wound up of individual. Tough day in the office? Hit the Yoga mat then. Car failed its M.O.T? Stretch over a Yoga ball to deal with your issues. Terrence Monte of Pure Yoga says, “going to amped up gyms or punching a punching bag can make you more aggressive or more tired”. Although some may disagree with this and may find that punching the daylights out an inanimate object is ‘therapeutic’ it’s hard to argue against gentle breathing and stretching exercise to wind down your week. It’s also highly advantageous being away from your phone or computer for 60 minutes which is also another cause of stress.

Most Yoga postures involve spinal twists that loosen your joints making every day activities much easier. General activities such as sitting at a desk for long periods of time, or walking a long distance to work puts strain on the spine and causes it compress. By incorporating Yoga poses into your everyday life or routine, then this will help the spine relax, resulting in greater flexibility and may even improve your Golf swing!

The great thing about Yoga is that it’s a fantastic way to sculpt muscles without picking up a single dumbbell. Some argue that constant heavy weights cause strain on joints, so when your arms are on a rest day then a 30-minute Yoga session will be the perfect remedy to keep those arms and core shaped, ready for the gym.

Making Yoga part of your workout routine will put you in better stead in terms of prevent injuries in the gym or any activity you do. Practicing Yoga will help reduce the risk of injuries because muscles and joints that aren’t normally used will be stretched and supple for any future excursions that you may undertake.

male yoga

Yoga has no boundaries or entry requirements. Anybody of any age, weight or fitness can undertake in a session of Yoga making it the most versatile workout going. While only guys that have to walk through a doorway side wards can lift the heaviest weights in the gym, anybody can position themselves on a Yoga mat and start working out.

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