Main Benefits of a Foam Roller Explained – Tips On Effective Use

Some of you reading this may have never come across a foam roller before. Whereas, some may have seen one but may have no idea of how they are used.In this post, we will be addressing that by taking a closer look at the foam rollers uses and benefits. Foam rollers essentially allow the users to apply Myofascial release to their muscles either before or after a workout. Myofascial release is an effective way to treat muscle immobility and pain by relaxing and contracted muscles, improving circulation and stimulating stretch reflexes in muscles.

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There are two leading theories as to what makes the foam roller so effective in reducing tension. The first is that the pressure provided by the roller on the muscle, stimulates the Golgi Tendon Organ to send signals to the muscle spindles and fibres allowing them to lengthen. The alternative theory is that the friction involved in rolling the Foam Roller on the muscle creates heat, which then warms the muscle making it much looser and more pliable. Now that we have Scientific stuff out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which the Foam Roller benefits the user in more detail.

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Breaks Up Scar Tissue

As mentioned earlier, the application of Myofascial release helps to reduce tension and tightness in the muscle. The roller is influential in breaking up muscle adhesions, otherwise known as scar tissue, between layers of tissue. This is most common source of pain, weakness, and limited motion in the human body.


Prevents Injury & Helps You Recover Fast

Utilising the Foam roller on a regular basis will help to improve circulation within the body which in turn improves range of motion and efficiency of movement. In relation to recovery and injury, myofascial release helps because natural coordination of the body is improved. Therefore, the risk of injury is reduced as muscles are better prepared to be put under stress.


Improves Mobility And Flexibility

This benefit may be of special interest to those who maybe have an office job or spend the day doing similar movements throughout. These situations can cause collagen to form between layers of skeletal muscle leading to knots and tightness. Muscle knots are uncomfortable because they prevent the sheaths of the muscles from sliding smoothly. Regular use of a foam roller prevents collagen from binding, therefore maintaining optimum movement and flexibility.


Removes Lactic Acid To Aid Recovery

The increased blood flow encouraged by uses of a Foam Roller can help recovery further. Combined with helping to elevate the temperate of the targeted area, the foam roller is beneficial in reducing the build up of lactic acid when used briefly before a workout. When used after a workout, it can assist in ensuring that no cramping occurs.


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Foam Roller Don’ts
  • Roll directly where you feel pain straight away, work up to the affected area.
  • Roll too fast.
  • Spend too much time on the Knots as excess usage can damage nerves and tissue. A few minutes on a specific area should be enough.
Foam Roller Do’s
  • Roll at a pace of about an inch a second to ensure that you are targeting the area efficiently.
  • Start a few inches away from the area that has the most tension and slowly work your way towards it.
  • Work up to increasing the pressure, instead of putting entire weight on roller.

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