Lose up to 5 pounds with the raw food diet

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Last night my flatmate told me about doing the raw food diet for 2 or 3 days to detox. She told me that it is based on the belief that uncooked food is the most healthful aliment for our body and, apparently, you could lose around 5 pounds. We decided to give it a go and diet together because, as you know, it is always easier diet with someone else to support each other than diet on your own, don’t you think?

Anyway, searching more information about raw food, I have found that it has enzymes and nutrients that help the body reach optimal health, cooking food can diminish its nutritional value, for example, certain vitamins, such as vitamin C and folate are destroyed by heat. However, other aliments become more healthful after cooking, an example of these are tomatoes that contain three to four times more lycopene that raw tomatoes. It is always good to include fruits and veggies on your daily diet, so maybe after doing this diet for a while you may acquire new healthy eating habits.


There are plenty of variations of the raw food diet and you can shape your own. Generally, about 70 per cent of what you eat each day will be food that has not been cooked or microwaved. Start with 50 per cent and increase from there, find the balance that works the best with you. Most followers are vegan, but some choose to consume raw animal products like unpasteurized milk, cheese made from unpasteurized milk, sashimi, raw fish, and certain kinds of raw meat. It also includes fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs in their whole, natural state.

If you want to try this diet you must know that you would give up eating pasta, baked goods, most store-bought juices, drinks and milks. On the other hand, you would become an expert at juicing, blending, dehydrating, sprouting, germinating, cutting, chopping, and rehydrating.

People usually go on a detox diet for 3 to 21 days. After that, they may continue a raw food diet, return to their regular diet, or try to improve their daily diet by consuming more raw foods. Even though the raw food helps you to improve your diet habits, that does not mean you should not exercise. The more you move, the quicker you will see the pounds come off.

I am simply sharing the raw food diet plan and not recommending it. Check with your doctor before doing this diet.

If you have tried this diet plan before, share your experience with us. Or if you may give it a go, explain us how are you going to do it. If you have enjoyed this post, please do share it with your friends and networks

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