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The Start Of Physique 57 © 2016

Physique 57 © 2016 is a dance fitness exercise regime that began in February 2006 in New York City and was founded by Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and Tanya Becker. This style blends a full body energising cardio and fluid balletic barre based dance exercises. They focus on muscle sculpting, endurance and overall fitness where results can be seen in as little as eight lessons. Of course results will vary depending on the individual and the workout to lifestyle balance.

Who Is It For?

Physique 57 © 2016 is available to anyone. It is not targeted purely to people who are gym obsessed although there are classes which can cater for these types. From anyone who needs to drop dress sizes for a wedding, anyone who is new to a fitness routine or just someone who is looking to lose weight this new dance fitness style is fun for everyone.

Time Frame

The recommended numbers of classes a week is four, but obviously this number is not set in stone and can be altered to suit the individual to fit best around their lifestyle. The minimum recommended amount is one to two classes a week and the maximum would be seven. Even though seven classes sounds like a monster and you’ll probably be thinking you wouldn’t be able to stand the next day Physique 57 © 2016 comes with a very low risk of injury. There are specifically tailored workouts that are perfect for using as a warm up or cool down before and after a session. This makes sure muscles are prepared and relaxed in the correct way to ensure the best recovery.


Proof of the success of the dance fitness workout comes from the experience of others. Amanda G is one women who started at the age of thirty-one on an initial weight of 228lbs and ended up dropping four dress sizes before her wedding. Altogether, she lost 53lbs and finished with her weight at 175lbs. One other success story is from Lauren M who was twenty-four years of age. She was looking for a low impact workout that would allow her to lose weight whilst being mindful of her knee injury. Four months down the line taking five or six classes a week, she not only lost double her target weight reaching 32lbs but also built strength back up in her knee.

Dance fitness

Only a limited amount of studios has been opened in order to ensure the highest quality of dance fitness training is provided rather than the most amount of places to train. It has reached the Hamptons, LA, Dubai, and Bangkok but unfortunately at this time not the UK. However, there are classes which are attempting to infuse this new style and also DVD’s with home workout routines or routines to do in the gym which can be purchased online. The reason why it is called ‘Physique 57’ is because each class lasts fifty-seven minutes in total. The instructors are provided with specific ‘ingredients’ for each class such as, time intervals, muscles to target and types of exercises that will provide the best results. A typical fifty-seven-minute session will be broken down using intervals combining sprints, recovery and stretching to maximise a single muscle without overusing it. The innovative choreography from each instructor makes each class never the same twice and prevents a boring routine to follow. You can find all this Information on the official Physique 57 © 2016 page at http://physique57.com/

Dance fitness

There are a total of twelve different classes to choose from these are;

  1. Beginner – This is the best place to start learning more and more about this style, all the necessary movements and positions.
  2. Signature – This is the next level up from beginner, so when you’re feeling more confident this allows you to modify the workout based on your own personal fitness and preferences.
  3. Physique F.I.T. (Focused Interval Training) – This class focuses on some more serious results to your arms and seat, working on muscle sculpting.
  4. MAT 57 – This is a targeted class that will help tone your entire body, weaving together ab exercises, barre and light weights. Due to this new style originating in America, UK enthusiasts would often perform these workout routines at home using the Physique 57© 2016 However, a range of any required equipment can be found affordably through JLL Fitness Ltd. Weights such as kettlebells can be found at https://www.jllfitness.co.uk/weights/kettlebells and lighter items such as ankle weights are found at https://www.jllfitness.co.uk/jll-ankle-wrist-weight-training-set.html
  5. Barre Meets Mat – This is a non-stop class which will work every muscle and maximise results, including ab workout variations and thigh and seat exercises from the signature class.
  6. Amped Up – If you are now feeling confident with the signature class this workout will use cardio infused sequences, ab sprints and build on endurance and strength to take your fitness to a new level.
  7. B.T. (Sweat, Burn, Tone) – This is a high intensity class which is fast paced and never the same twice so your muscles don’t get used to the same routine.
  8. Physique Cardio Burn – If you like a real challenge this class is for you because it will chisel away at your body and sky rocket your heart rate using a combination of push-ups, planks, lunges and much more.
  9. Arms and Abs in 30 – It does exactly what it says on the tin.
  10. Physique Express in 45 – For those who have a more hectic lifestyle and struggle to fit in the workout they want this class will provide the maximum results in the minimum amount of time. It is essentially a condensed version of the full-length class.
  11. Physique Stretch and Flow in 30 or 60 – Lengthen your muscles with stretches that go hand in hand with the class. Choose from thirty to sixty minutes that are perfect for using as a warm or cool down before or after a hard session.
  12. Physique Yoga – Perfect for yoga lovers, this class will tone, improve breathing, focus your mind and enhance your overall health. JLL Fitness has a range of yoga equipment in a variety of colours from starter packs, mats and foam rollers to resistance bands and gym balls with prices to suit all at https://www.jllfitness.co.uk/yoga-equipment

Dance fitness

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