Which Juice for Which Mood?

green juiceWhich Juice for Which Mood?

Since the dawn of time other countries have believed that ordinary ingredients have medicinal qualities. In India, spices are not just eaten to flavour food, but rather cure a symptom. They even have a cure for flatulence! In china herbs and vegetables are stewed in tea’s believed to have healing properties. Yet in the UK we just….well pop a pill. Only now have we just started to twig on to the health food phenomena, this being in the form of the odd juice bar pop-up here and there.

No matter what your mood or symptom. Below are some juices you can make at home to get you back on track!

Stress Reliver: 1 cup kale,
2 sticks celery
1 cup spinach,
2 Granny Smith apples
1 tsp honey
1 squeeze lime.
1/2 cup water

Celery calms the nerves because of the high calcium content as well as helping in controlling high blood pressure. Raw celery should be eaten to reduce high blood pressure. Honey soothes and calms while Kale is good for cleansing. Spinach is great for regeneration of the blood, It regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body.

Weight Loss: 1/2 cup green tea (stewed)
1 bell pepper
1 red chill
1/4 cup cucumber
Large pinch mint
2tbs fat free yogurt.
1 large pinch parsley

Have this weight loss juice for breakfast daily and you will get rid of those extra pounds in no time Bell peppers and red chilli boost your metabolism while green tea helps you release energy slowly. This is a spicey one so cucumber, mint and fat free yogurt help to cool as well as aid digestion. Parsley too is a digestive, great for helping with bloating.

Libido Booster: 1/4 cup parsley
hand full almonds
5 figs chopped
1/2 pint milk
2 Spoons yogurt
1 tsp honey.
1/4 cup cranberries.

Figs, Banana and almonds are all know to be aphrodisiacs. Figs are rich in iron and potassium, nutrients much needed in ‘the act’ so to be speak. Banana’s are rich in bromelain, an enzyme proven to boost testosterone levels, while vitamin B helps energy levels. Honey, rich in boron balances both testosterone and estrogen levels. Finally cranberries are for the kidneys. Kidneys??? You ask. New research shows the long term effects of low sex drive is often kidney related.

Hangover Cure: 1/2 cup coconut water
1/2 cup chopped melon
1/2 banana
2 cm ginger chopped.
5 x strawberries

While coconut water is loaded with potassium (more than a banana) a key nutrient needed to feel better faster. It is also amazingly hydrating, alcohol dehydrates you so replacing your fluids will make you feel better, quicker. Ginger will help the feeling of bloating, constipation, diarrhea and even ease vomiting, as a brilliant digestive it aids all these common after effects of boozing. Finally the benefits of fruit on a hangover are endless. Ditch last nights pizza, and grab lots of fruit instead to nurse you back to life. Fructose really helps to boost energy levels, but better yet it breaks down alcohol toxins in the body quickly.

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