JLL IC600 – Why Are We Excited About It?


If you’ve been keeping up to date with our website and social media, then you’ll know all about the release of the JLL IC600 Advanced Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike®. It’s something we’re really excited about, and here’s why…


A Brief History

Popularity for the previous incarnations of the IC series bikes have grew and grew over the years. The introduction of the JLL IC200 was welcomed with great applause as it satisfied the consumers’ needs for a serious piece of training equipment in the exercise bike department at an entry level price.

We have since seen advancements in the forms of the IC300 & IC400 ELITE Indoor Cycling bikes. Each more impressive as we move up the market and both equally as cool. No matter which model bike enthusiasts opted for, needs were satisfied and workouts were tailored to perfection.

Dressed to Impress

So advance to the present day and the IC series’ older, more professional brother has hit the shelves. First impressions count for a lot, and the IC600 certainly gives the best first impression possible. It looks like it means business with its superior build quality. It’s a sturdy bike and there’s been no corners cut in manufacturing. The streamlined steel frame oozes class and gives the bike a cool, sleek aesthetic.

Fully Loaded IC600

It boasts a 22kg flywheel which means this bike isn’t all bark. This feature means that it is the most elite of bikes and provides a forward momentum of a regular bike. The heavy flywheel spins more smoothly for longer periods of time making this exercise bike the cycling enthusiasts ultimate best friend.

Its direct belt driven meaning it provides comfortable pedalling in both directions and simulates the feel of a real bike.

The IC600 is made for realism as well. The armrests are added for comfort and the fully adjustable seats and handlebars mean you can position your bike to your comfort zone. As soon as you lean forward and stare down the centre of the bike, you’ll think you’re Bradley Wiggins in no time.

More Toys Than Toy Story

It’s got some great toys on it as well! The heart rate sensors come as standard and are handily built into the handlebars. This coupled with the adjustable resistance levels makes the exercise bike ideal for latest craze of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) work outs and will be your go-to training tool time after time. The iPad-esque monitor provides for a great feature as well. It accurately delivers all the information you will need such as distance, calories burnt, heart rate and speed.


The JLL IC600 provides a new and exciting spin on indoor cycling. No matter what your pedigree or level, this exercise bike can be suited to your needs. The IC600 can be bought direct from our website or from our Amazon and shops.

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Luke Pollard

Digital Marketing Advisor at JLL Fitness Ltd
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