JLL Home Treadmills for Strengthening your legs and hips during Physical Therapy and rehabilitation

jll fitness treadmills

The JLL home treadmill is ideal for those attending physical therapy or going through rehabilitation. Walking is a great way to strengthen your muscles after an accident or illness. You can start slowly and increase your pace the more confident you get. Using a home treadmill has its advantages, it means you can workout at a time that is convenient to you and you can do it with the support of your family.

Using a treadmill can be a lot safer than walking outside. You do not have to worry about uneven surfaces, poor weather or obstructions in your path. Here at JLL our treadmills are designed to be comfortable, durable and sturdy. We only use the very best in quality materials and combine these with the latest technology. We have designed a range of home treadmills that we know our customers will love as much as we do.
So what makes us stand out?

Digital Control Technology and Powerful Motor

We use the latest technology in our home treadmills. Our digital control technology means that our machines feel smooth and responsive yet quiet. The digital control technology and 2.5HP continuous power output also makes the machine run a lot safer and longer as it is not affected from external elements like dust or temperature.

Slowest Start up Speed in the U.K

The JLL treadmills have the slowest start up speed in the U.K. Our machines start at just 0.3km per hour so there is no jerking as the machine starts up, it feels very comfortable and smooth. You can also increase or decrease your speed at an increment of just 0.1km per hour. You can control your pace by the easy to reach buttons on the handrails.

Running Board Size

We offer a variety of running board sizes from 115cm x 40cm to 136cm x 46cm depending on what model of treadmill you have chosen. So whether you take small steps or need more room to stretch your stride there is a size to suit you.

Strong, Sturdy and Safe Frame

The strong and sturdy frame can offer additional support for those that need a little extra help when on their feet. The handrails are designed so that you can monitor your pulse and also control your speed from the convenience of the handrail.

Shock Absorption System

cushion system

Between the running board and the frame there is a shock absorption system in place. This will redirect the impact that walking/ running has on your joints. A cushioned shock absorption system promotes safer workouts, reduces fatigue, reduces joint pain, and allows for more workout options.


JLL S300 treadmill running programmes

The Home treadmills range from 10 running programmes and a 1 level manual incline to 15 running programmes and an automatic incline of 12%. Each treadmill will allow you to pre-set the first three programmes yourself so you can choose the speed, distance and gradient of your work out.


JLL S300 treadmill monitor controls

The entertainment specifications may not be the first thing you look for on a home treadmill especially when you are looking for something to aid you in re-strengthening your muscles as part of a physical therapy regime however it is an added perk and something that could help motivate you during workouts. Working out to music can be a pleasant distraction, rather than remaining focussed on the distance you have walked or how much time is remaining you can plug your IPod/ IPhone/MP3 into the machine and listen to your music through the high powered speakers, timing your workout to songs or albums almost feels more achievable than if you were advised to do a specific length of time or distance a day. Each JLL home treadmill comes with an auxiliary input for your devices and also a USB interface to play your music through. The JLL S400 home running machine also boasts Bluetooth connectivity.

Space Saving Equipment

jll S300 treadmill measurements

Our home treadmills are compact and foldable and can be easily moved when not in use as they are built on wheels for our customer’s convenience.

We stand out because we believe in our machines. We believe in their strength, durability and versatility. Our range of home treadmills are suitable for beginners to intermediate runners and are suitable for all ages. We recommend them for those undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation because of our slow start up speed and digital control technology. Our machines feel smooth to use and are responsive. The foldable treadmills are easy to use with clearly defined buttons i.e. green for start and red for stop.

Our Customer Service Team is always on hand at our Birmingham Showroom to offer any support and information that may be needed or alternatively you contact us by phone on 0121 328 7507/ 0800 6123 988




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