JLL Fitness Charity Cycle Relay A Success!


On Friday 24th March, team members for JLL Fitness took part in a Cycle Relay Marathon that lasted for 8 hours! This wasn’t just because they were bored in the office however, but because they were trying to raise money for Red Nose Day 2017.

Red Nose Day

The aim was simple; as a company they had to cycle a distance of 200 miles in 8 hours. That’s your average 9-5 working day, except you’ve got to cycle from Birmingham to London…and then some more! The day was filled with live video updates that could be viewed on their Facebook and YouTube pages, complete with distance covered, time remaining and total amount of money raised.

And speaking of money raised, Team JLL smashed their target of £100 by raising a grand total of £110! And they did this by cycling a total of 202.54 miles in 7 hours, 55 minutes. It goes without saying that there were a few sore bums in the office afterwards! JLL Fitness really came together as a company as each and every member from every department took part to help raise money, from customer service to warehouse to marketing and even management. Each and every team member did their part.

View the video below to see the moment when they hit the 200 mile mark!

JLL would like to thank everybody that took part in the challenge and also to everybody who donated to this fantastic cause. No doubt that many lives will be helped with the all of the proceeds raised.

Don’t forget, that it’s not too late to donate. Every little helps and you can contribute by visiting JLL Fitness’ Giving Page

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