Which are the JLL best seller treadmills and why?

compare jll treadmills

If you are on our home treadmill page and you are not sure about what model is more suitable for you, this post may help you. Within our range of running machines, our best-selling treadmills are the D100 and the S300. But, why are our best sellers?

First of all, the price that is very competitive. From just £ 339.00 you can get a proper treadmill for home use which can be folded up for a really easy storage. So if you have space problems, this is not a dilemma any more with the JLL home treadmills.

jll folding treadmills

Secondly, within our range of home treadmills the D100 and the S300 are the models with the smallest dimensions which again make them perfect for reduced space. Both are built on wheels for easy transport.
And thirdly, the JLL D100 and the JLL S300 are the lightest treadmills within our home running machine models with just 58 kg weight, so you can move the machine around with no problem at all.

But, what are the differences between the D100 and the S300?

  1.  Incline is the main difference. The JLL D100 has just 1 level manual incline, while the JLL S300 has 20 automatic incline levels. The incline on the D100 needs to be adjusted manually; this running machine is perfect for those who want the treadmill for walking or running with not much increase of the resistance. On the other hand, the S300 can be adjusted automatically by a simple button touch while walking or running. It also increases calorie burning and works different muscles groups than just exercising on the same flat surface.

treadmills incline level

  1. Programmes: The JLL D100 has 10 different running programmes and the S300 has 15 running programmes. It is important to mention that every JLL treadmill programmes are divided in 10 sections where the speed would be increased or decreased every 200 metres depending of the program selected. In both machines you will have the chance to re-set the first three programmes according to your own goals.
  2. Quick speed buttons: Both running machines have the same speed range which goes from 0.3 km/h (the slowest speed on the UK market) to 16 km/h. However, the quick speed buttons are different. While the D100 can select the speed at 3, 4, 5 and 8 km/h; the S300 just offers 5 and 8 km/h quick speed buttons.
  3. Running area: There is a small dimension difference on the length of both models. The D100 has 115 cm length, while the S300 has 122 cm.
  4. Price: I have to mention again the price with £ 90 difference between both models. D100 costs £ 339.00 and S300 costs £ 429.00.
  5. Cushion system: The S300 has a new design cushion system which makes exercising more comfortable than D100
  6. Item holder: The D100 running machine has a small tray, while the item holder of the S300 has more capacity which allows you to hold big water bottle.

Compare Treadmills
D100 S300
LCD Display Time, speed, distance, heart rate
and calories
Time, speed, distance, heart rate,
calories and incline
Quick Buttons 3, 4, 5 and 8 km/h 5 and 8 km/h
Safety Emergency stop key
Smooth start/stop function
Heart rate control program
Safety hand rail with speed
Emergency stop key
Smooth start/stop function
Heart rate control program
Safety hand rail with speed
Programmes 10 running programmes
Pause workout memory function
15 running programmes
Pause workout memory function
Shock Absorption Yes Yes
Store Foldable and easy transport Foldable and easy transport
Entertainment High Powered Speakers,
iPod/iPhone/MP3 Connectivity
and USB interface
High Powered Speakers,
iPod/iPhone/MP3 Connectivity
and USB interface
Fan No No
Item Holder Yes Yes
Motor DC (Direct Current) Motor DC (Direct Current) Motor
Controller Digital micro-computer controller Digital micro-computer controller
Speed 0.3 – 16 km/h (=0.18 – 10 mph) 0.3 – 16 km/h (=0.18 – 10 mph)
Incline 1 level manual incline 20 levels (=12% incline)
Running area 115 cm (length) x 40 cm (width) /
45.3″ x 15.8″
122 cm (length) x 40 cm (width) /
48″ x 16″
Occupying area 165 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x
130 cm (height) / 65.0″ x 27.6″ x
51.2″ ; When folded: 80 cm
(length) x 70 cm (width) x 145 cm
(height) / 31.5″ x 27.6″ x 57.1″
158 cm (length) x 70 cm (width) x
128 cm (height) / 62.3″ x 27.6″ x
50.4’’; When folded: 100 cm
(length) x 70 cm (width) x 141 cm
(height) / 39.4” x 27.6” x 55.5”
Packing 161 cm (length) x 75.5 cm (width)
x 26 cm (height) / 63.4″ x 29.7″ x
170 cm (length) x 76 cm (width) x
30.5 cm (height) / 67″ x 30″ x 12″
N.W 58 kg or 9.2 St or 127.9 lb 57.5 kg or 9.1 St or 126.8 lb
G.W. 66 kg or 10.4 St or 145.5 lb.
(when delivered)
70 kg or 11 St or 154.4 lb.
Maximum Load 120 kg or 18.8 St or 264 lb 120 kg (18.8 St or 264 lb.)
Price 339.00 429.00
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2 Responses

  1. Richard Greenaway says:

    Hi I’m interested in the jll s300 for home exercise,and wondering would I get any discount if I purchased this machine.
    If so could you email me if you can help with this,
    Thank you for taking time to read this.
    Richard Greenaway

  2. JLL Fitness says:

    Hello Richard,
    Unfortunately, we are not running any discounts on the S300 Treadmill at this time. You can keep an eye on our website and our social media pages for any future offers.

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