How to Write a Good Personal Trainer CV

Your CV is your first impression and your chance to get a hiring manager’s attention. There can be a lot of competition, so it’s important to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Your opening statement, format, experience, and education sections are all part of what gets you an interview, or gets your CV thrown out.


Personal Trainer CV


Contact information and opening statement

 Put your personal information at the top of your CV. Include your name, phone number, and email. Some people choose to leave out their street address due to privacy concerns and the possibility of identity theft. There is no real reason it needs to be on your CV. If you have a personal website you can include that as well, along with social media accounts related to your career. Underneath your personal information goes your opening statement. This statement should sum up your experience, qualifications, and personality; basically what you will bring to the position.

Personal Trainer CV



Try to avoid using a CV template because this will result in yours looking like the majority of resumes a hiring manager receives. You want yours to stand out. Pick a format that is unique, but nothing too odd or distracting. Most hiring managers will request your CV be submitted in .doc format, but sometimes they will ask for .txt. Many companies use software that scans for keywords, so look at the job description and mirror the important words they used. If you miss this step your CV could be eliminated before a hiring manager even looks at it. Use black professional font only, and use bullet points to list your experience and education in reverse chronological order.



How you approach this section will depend on your level of experience. If you’re an experienced personal trainer, you will want to highlight your achievements in your experience section. You want to demonstrate that you get results,” advises Shawn Crossley, CV proofreader at OxEssays. Think about ways you stood out in the past, clients you helped, problems you solved, and awards you were recognized with. Use action verbs to describe your experience, they are more impressive than adjectives. If you’re low on experience, focus on your own achievements. Talk about fitness goals you’ve reached, triathlons you’ve trained for and completed, or bodybuilding competitions you have participated in. If you have volunteer work that’s related to sports medicine include that.

Personal Trainer CV



You can include all your education, whether it’s directly related to fitness or not. You’ve probably picked up some knowledge and skills that can transfer to working as a personal trainer in your education. It also shows that you have the determination to begin something and then follow through until the end. List your education in reverse chronological order, including the institution you attended, the degree you received, and the time-frame you attended.



 If your CV isn’t going to be too long, you can include your interests. This section is a bit more helpful and relevant when you’re fresh out of school looking for your first job. Listing off and describing the sports you enjoy playing or your interest in nutrition can grab a hiring manager’s eye.


CV writing resources

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so don’t hesitate to get some help from the experts. Here are some useful resources to get you started:


  • ViaWriting and Let’s Go and Learn – These are grammar resources you can use to check over your CV for grammatical mistakes.
  • Do My Assignment and Essayroo – These are online proofreading tools, suggested by AustralianReviewer, you can use to make sure your CV is polished and free of errors.
  • MyWritingWay and AcademAdvisor – Check out these career writing blogs for ideas and tips on how to write a better CV. You’ll find posts by people who have successfully written personal trainer CVs before.
  • Resumention – This is a helpful CV service you can use to improve the quality of your CV.
  • Academized and PhD Writers – These are editing tools, recommended by UK Writing Services Reviews, you can use to make sure your CV doesn’t have any typos or other mistakes.
  • StateofWriting and SimpleGrad – Check out these writing guides for help improving the writing quality in your CV. Even experienced writers can benefit from some extra guidance.



Personal Trainer CV



Hiring managers have seen a lot of CVs in their day. You need to make yours stand out, and in a good way. Focus on providing examples when you list a skill or piece of experience. Prove to them that you are capable of doing what you are telling them.

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