How To Take The First Steps On Your Fitness Journey

For some people, starting new things is a breeze. Others need a more meticulous approach to help them actually take the plunge and commit. Despite the gym being full of individuals who are wrapped up in their own complex lives, we still feel like we might be judged. Some people won’t set foot in a gym due to the fear of being watched and judged for being a newbie. This is the spotlight effect and it can be crippling for many first-time gym goers looking to get stuck into fitness.


Anyone who’s been going to a commercial gym for a while, will tell you that this fear is very short-lived. You will become immune to any eyes in the gym after a few visits. If you’re training properly then your focus shouldn’t be diverted away from your training anyway. Remember, you don’t necessarily need a gym membership to make progress either. Home workouts are incredibly powerful and we’ll outline this as we go on.

Feeling judged in the gym isn’t the only thing that holds eager hopefuls back. The wealth of information surrounding exercises, diets etc can really make it hard to know just where to start. No one wants to embark on a regime only to be told that it’s not the best fit for them and to start doing something completely different.


We’re all into our fitness here at JLL, we’ve been through the trenches and we’re perfectly positioned to guide you on how to get started. So, grab a cuppa and give this blog a good ol’ hearty read.


Plan your fitness goals


Keep it simple and ascertain what it is you want to achieve. Forget about how you’re going to get there for a moment and just write down your main goal. Are you trying to lose 8lbs, gain muscle or just improve your own fitness level? Once you have something to aim for, you can work towards that objective.

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Pick your poison


Now you know what your main goals are, it’s time to decide what equipment and workout plan is going to get you to the finish line. If weight loss is your goal, then cardio equipment will be the most efficient tool to help you achieve this. Furthermore, if you want a full body workout then a cross trainer is an excellent choice, the CT300 is a great choice due it’s affordability and transport wheels. If you’re after a really sturdy unit that will withstand heavy use then the CT500 will be your best.


If you want to gain muscle then you need to hit the weights. In order to make sure you’re on the right track to gain muscle, you need to increase your strength. This means working your way up the weight rack in a timely manner. Prioritise good form and execute the exercise safely but try to challenge yourself whenever you enter a workout. If you’re looking to work out from home then a set of dumbbells will hit the spot. Our PU dumbbells are incredibly versatile, allowing you to target pretty much any muscle group.



Focus on recovery


Doing the hard work is great and that alone is a fantastic testament to your level of discipline. However, getting adequate sleep is an important part of the recovery process which is what will enable you to keep going. Make sure you are not neglecting this aspect of your fitness journey otherwise it’ll hinder your progress. Ultimately, that will make your goals more of an uphill battle to achieve. Use products like Foam Rollers to help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation in both your upper and lower body.


Fitness should be fun, enjoy it!


The process of self-development needs not be a lonely, miserable road. You need to find a way to enjoy the process. Which means carefully selecting the exercises that you’ll get the most out of and can routinely engage in. Co-ordinate your runs with a friend, take classes together, watch your favourite TV show whilst running on a treadmill. Tweak your set up to bring you the most pleasure whilst still getting the work done. Work hard but enjoy the process, it’ll be a long one!

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