How to stay motivated with exercise after your holiday’s

Understandably, a large portion of the population commit to a small window of exercising in anticipation of a boozey, blow-out vacation. Trimming the weight in order to allow themselves to indulge in hotel buffets and excessive amounts of beer. The logic here is that you either come back from your holiday at the same weight or at only a slight increase. The issue with this is that fitness becomes a means to an end as opposed to a lifestyle choice. You won’t be able to maintain the motivation to exercise unless you shift this mindset.

Exercising a couple of times a week throughout the entire year would be more beneficial and far less challenging than an intensive cardio crusade 2 weeks before a holiday. However, this requires consistency and the motivation to go with it. The best way to go about trying to generate a motivated state towards exercise is to build up slowly until it becomes part of a regular routine. Once you can comfortably commit to one 20-minute session per week, you can add another one in.

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Set mini goals and work towards them

Another way to generate some motivation, is to set specific fitness goals and work towards them. Perhaps that’s a target weight you want to get down to or a set number of sit-ups you wish to achieve. Whatever it might be, it’s something to aspire to and ultimately work towards. Your desire to achieve those goals is what will guide you through those tough, low energy days. This is just a small psychological trick to give you additional motivation but some people need more on the line to get them into gear.

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Use it as therapy

Exercise is an also great form of escapism and can naturally boost your mood. If you lead a busy life and your job brings you a degree of stress, then fitness can actually be a great reliever of this stress. A sweaty bout of exercise will increase the production of endorphins which are the feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain. Physical activity is also known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression along with improving sleep.

Throw a workout partner into the mix

If you are still not smelling the sweet nectars of exercise by this point, then it may be time to join forces with a workout buddy. Adding a friend to your workout or coordinating your runs with a fellow runner is a great way to reduce the monotony most people feel towards exercise. Train for a 5k with a buddy or start a boxing class together. Leverage the enjoyment you get from your companionships and channel that into exercise.

What can we do to help?

So, how can we help you with your conquest for frequent exercise? Well inspiring home workouts is our speciality here at JLL Fitness. We have a magnitude of practical and portable fitness equipment for you to make use of. Such as our range of weight equipment or our cardio machines. Workout as and when you please without having to leave your house.

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